10 Tips For The First Day Of The College

tips for every student at first day of college

The first day of the college can be quite daunting for many, yet it necessarily need not be the same case for everybody.

It is the new beginning of our lives since we are making ourselves ready to step into entirely a new world unknowing of the fact of how life will greet us.

Many of us are impatiently waiting for this day to come in our lives. Isn’t it? I know you nodded right! Since we are hell tired and bored of wearing the same old school uniforms every day and sick of those harsh, strict rules and regulations, and whatnot!

There is a high possibility for you struggling with the thoughts for the day to be the most stressful with the kinds of questions popping your mind – How will be the crowd? Will I be able to make good friends? Will there be any free sessions between the lectures to hang out at the cafeteria and the campus premises?

Does that happen with you as well? I am sure it does. Worry not! We bring you some of the excellent tips and tricks to come out with the best in yourself on the very first day of the college.

#1 Take it easy and wear whatever you feel comfortable in

Okay. So you are going to college with the feeling of excitement yet a sense of anxiety is stick to you. It’s okay. It is natural, and it happens. And do not forget to wear comfortable yet classic clothes on the first day. It should not cause discomfort to you anyhow for the sake of flaunting it at the campus. You should always look and feel comfortable irrespective of what you are wearing. The primary focus needs to be put on the self-satisfactory outcomes.

#2 Know that everyone is as nervous as you are

You are not the only one facing the feeling of nervousness. All the freshers out there must be going through the same phase. They too are stepping into the new world. It’s not only you who are getting frustrated with the thoughts fiddling with each other in your brain of meeting new people and making friends, and the list goes on. It’s a lot more than that. Enjoy that hidden excitement level behind the nervousness.

#3 Reach on time

I know, I know that sounds boring to you, but trust me it is equally essential for you to hit the college entrance on time the first day so that you do not miss out any of the orientation programmes that is specially meant for the freshers, for YOU. You never know, it could be one of the criteria they are considering for judging Mr./Miss fresher for the year. Yes, it can happen! They might be considering the punctuality’ factor from day 1 in order to decide Mr./Miss fresher. Who knows! ’Do you want to miss out the golden chance?

#4  Greet everybody cheerfully

So it is your first day, and you don’t know anybody. Greet your fellow mates, teachers, and seniors happily and respectfully. There is no point in judging anybody for whatsoever reason under the sun. Instead, I would say staying neutral is the best. Listen to what they say, their views and their opinion and do not comment on it. Confidently give your introduction when your turn comes. Just be yourself. Trying copying others have never helped anybody in this universe.

#5  Make them laugh with you

make them laugh with you.
make them laugh with you.

Possessing a good sense of humor is a blessing. It will take you everywhere. It hurts when you crack a joke, and nobody laughs. It’s okay. It happens. No need to make yourself go through unnecessarily disturbing thoughts in minds. It’s just you are attempting to create the good vibes around you with your positive mindset of giggling and convincingly taking everything that comes your way. That’s all. It will automatically happen as time passes away. They’ ll become your fan. Because in the end, everybody wants to befriend the ones with the inbuilt positivity

#6 Stay motivated

stay motivated
stay motivated

Being motivated not only on the first day but throughout the college life will bring the best in you not only in studies but all the extracurricular activities in the fests and events of the campus. It highly plays an essential role in building the self-esteem of every student. It further enables you to face the difficulties at the semester end pressures. So always choose to be happy and motivated all the time.

#7 Explore your campus

explore your campus

Aaah! The most amazing tip. The more you will get to know the school and its belongings, the more you will start getting attached to it. Soon you will realize it has meant for you and you will call it as a second home. Ask me! I miss my college days badly. Indeed, these can prove to be the best days of your lives that we cherish for the rest of our lifetime.

#8 Get to know your seniors

Rarely do we see any ragging case nowadays. Stills seniors have the right to know their juniors. So we call it an introduction round that happens everywhere. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself the right way and genuinely.  They are not here to scare the hell out of you. After all, they were also the freshers once. So chill and relax down and shake hands with the seniors. They will definitely help you out by sharing their experiences of the presentations, assignments, and projects and about the teachers. How to deal with them, because they know it better, right? So it’s a win-win.

#9  Do not judge anybody

Come on. It is the first day, and you have not known anybody ever since. How can one even think of judging the other person? Not at all. We are all here to learn something and grab the best deals from every hole. Try being friends with everybody you meet as you can’t assure yourself on which page they are. Sounds cool?

Also, it doesn’t mean you have to yell all your secrets out with everybody you meet. NO! Just observe and pay attention to what is happening very reposefully. Then you are good to go. Have a fun-filled and pleasant day at the college!

#10 Enjoy, have fun

Last but not least, the obvious point that even goes without saying is do have lots and lots of fun. Some of the outstanding days of your life are waiting ahead of you. Embrace them. Create them your way so beautifully that you never have to regret it in the future. You only will be proud of the days and memories you have created in your campus life!

It is just the beginning for you guys. Make it a good one. Make trustworthy friends. Build a healthy relationship with them because at some point of the time you will call them as a ‘family’ and the college as your ‘second home.’ After several years when you will look back at your college days and the time spent here, you will be touched!

It’s your time guys! Do something stupendously extraordinary because this is the time to show your skills, talent, and passion with the world. Participate in the campus fests. Hangout with the friend.

Keeping all these hot tips in mind, go ahead and rock your first day at the college!  All the best for your campus life!! Cheers!

Tell us how your first day went? Any ragging or fun you had with the seniors? Any exciting story you recalled while reading this post that made you go through your college first day? What are you waiting for?

Contribute to this post with your views adventures, and experiences in the comments down below.


10 tips for the first day of the college
10 tips for the first day of the college

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