A College Girl’s Safety Guide

College Girl

College life is quite exciting, generally because you won’t have to live by your parent’s rules anymore. You can go anywhere you want and when you want. Traveling to college is a step towards liberation. Despite how exciting it sounds, with independence come to some obligations, like personal safety. It doesn’t matter what is the size of your town is; things can happen anywhere. It might not happen to you, but securing yourself and be prepared for those situations is a key to staying safe in college.

I am a girl. I know what it is to be a girl and what is safety for every girl and her family.

Relating my experience with my college days, let us look at a college safety guidelines for every college going girl.

Stay with your friends you trust

This goes without saying actually. You must be extra cautious while you move out of your house. Whether it is about partying or just a simple hangout in a public place. Ensure that you are with your group of friends always. You never know who might be stalking you. With a bunch of friends, you will feel safe and protected.

Keep updating your family WhatsApp group

Like I always do. Whenever I go on an outing and hang out with my friends in the late evening, I share my live location with my family Whatsapp group (whose maximum time limit presently is 8 hours). So that they get to know where I have reached at this time.

Also If I am taking any transportation like auto or cabs, the first thing I do before sitting is clicking a picture of the number plate and send to my family group to be at a safer side. How about you?

Keep your phone fully charged

Along with the fully charged phone, always keep a portable charger with you(and that too fully charged). You never know when you get to make use of it. I don’t know whether it h happens with you or not, but it has happened with me a lot of times that my phone is always dying of the battery.

Keep some cash in your purse


These days we rely on our debit and credit cards. But keeping a bit of money is nowhere going to harm you. Mainly if you are planning to go on a night out with friends, cash might be needed! So that you need not approach somebody for asking some money in case if you don’t find the ATM nearby!

Check Background before you start dating somebody

We girls must do a complete background check on a guy if we like him. Like we know what happened in his life and we know the names of all his exes. Okay, let’s get serious, how do you see the guy you’re going on a date with is not trying to catfish you? How do you know that behind that photo of a 22 something cute guy isn’t a 40-year-old man?. The thing is, you don’t, you can’t always assure yourself 100%.

So one of the smart ways to finding out is asking them to add you on social media. And then there might be the case you have some mutual friends. Hey, isn’t it cool? You can get to know the details you want to know about him from the common friends. Sounds good?

Carry  a pepper spray in your bag

Possibilities are you might not want to use the pepper spray, and your friends might laugh on you. But still, it is better to carry it with you than sorry.

Take advantage of your college security facilities

Universities offer a variety of services concerning a woman safety. For example, shuttles are there to drop you late at night, security guards everywhere 24/7 and “HELP” stations located all around the campus. Explore what your school has to offer and check the protocols and security guidelines. I’m sure those are mentioned in the college magazine, you should check them to refresh your memory.


A College Girl's Safety Guide
A College Girl’s Safety Guide

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