Easy Hacks To Make Money Quickly

Easy hacks make money

It’s been a while I have graduated from the master’s university. Achieving a Post-graduation degree and performing well in it is a matter of pride for my family and me. Now when I look back at the time when I just entered the college, an image gets created in my mind of a small kid with so much of curiosity and eagerness to learn about the chapter called ‘LIFE.’

Curiosity, then I think it is applicable for every student out there who is now considering to be independent of day-1 after graduating from high school. Like I never fancied asking my parents for money. I mean it is like we are grown-ups now and it gives a sense of embarrassment at some point of time only asking for the money to hang out with friends, girlfriends!

Apart from the fact that they have been paying enough and still are paying for our studies, we tend to make a new wave around.

It is not like we should never ask them about money. Of course, if we need we should. But here we are talking about the term pocket money which we use for our fun, entertainment purposes and doing parties with friends.

In fact, I too used to fiddle around a lot to earn a bunch of pennies during my college days.

So how about looking at a few of the ideas by which we can earn some pocket money for filling up the empty amusement jars of our lives.

1 Freelancing

Perhaps you are interested in graphics designing, writing or posting on Facebook. You can opt for any freelancing work that pulls you towards itself. All that requires in the freelancing work is that particular skills, passion and of course time where many deficits.

Go check out websites like upwork.com

and freelancer.com. They have some fantastic stuff. Make a profile by registering simple details like name, gender, qualification, etc. Choose your picture wisely among the plethora.

All you need is a trustworthy and reliable internet connection. This gives a good chance for you to even work for the clients from UK, USA and who knows if this freelancing work might get converted into a full-time job in the future if you perform excellently commendable. Isn’t it an excellent opportunity for you to kick start your career? Grab it. And mind it, many great people out there who are earning millions and trillions have sprung from the small.

2 Get paid for surfing the Web

Are you interested in earning cash for doing what you are doing now? Yes? Here is the way you can go with to win cash prizes. Websites like swagbucks.com and inboxdollars.com are giving great deals to make your points by shopping online, Watching entertaining videos, playing Online games, searching the web, answering surveys. You can periodically redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from PayPal. Try it out this fun-loving yet money-making experience online.

3 Turn your notes into cash

Hey, wait! Are you planning to dump your old notes for the exams you have already written? No, do not dare make that mistake. You can make money out of the hard work you inserted while making those brilliant notes which earned you good grades.

There are a few sites that enable you to sell your quality notes with the public. Nexusnotes.com and www.stuvia.co.uk are helping the students to upload their notes and get paid whenever others download it for their purpose. Prefer uploading the printed notes their which have to be in pdf format. Do not take the risk of uploading the handwritten notes unless you got a gorgeous font of handwriting.

4 Participate in online events and fests at colleges

You know this right that every college hosts the fest annually both technically and culturally. All the events, games and competitions have some cash prizes in it that are previously set for 1st 2nd and 3rd position holder. Another great idea for you to steal the show!

I hope that makes sense. Go ahead with it.

5 E-earn through eBay

Oh yeah! Most of you must be knowing it no. Whether it is a pair of shoes that have walked a few steps or a cut sleeves jacket that came into the trend and went off like a wind, you must try selling it on eBay website that accepts everything in a good selling condition. Some old clothes that are just hanged up in the wardrobe. What are they doing there? Laying eggs? Making smart use of them is a tremendous way of earning cash.

6 YouTube videos

Start you Tube Channel
Start you Tube Channel

Ever heard somebody saying ‘I got a million views on my youtube video’ with a feeling of so happiness on their face? They are the ones earning cash out of posting the relevant videos. You will receive a portion of the advertisement revenue collected per thousand views. It can be anything from posting some tutorial videos in which you are good at like cooking, dancing, etc. to sharing any personal experience about travel or adventurous trip. (primarily known as vblog).

7 Buy and Sell domains

Another incredible way of making profits out of your laptop.

Domain name is just the name of the website like facebook.com or gmail.com. It takes a little buck to register at GoDaddy.

All that requires to earn a quick profit through this idea is a bit of searching. The trick is to discover available domain names which have some market value, catch them up and then list them for sale on a website like Sedo.com.

8 Sell out your education

Are you good at maths? Or in English? Or French? Why don’t you teach the students nearby and spread the knowledge among the youth? As we know, sharing is caring, and training someone who needs extra classes apart from school lectures is no big deal. You need to utilize your spare time out of your busy schedule to earn your pocket money. You have the whole evening with you. Giving tuition at weekends is never a bad idea. Moreover, you will get to enhance and sharpen those skills and abilities as well.

There are websites as well where you can get the appropriate students for the subject you are interested in teaching. Check out thetutionteacher.com helps you to find the students and www.tutor.com enables you to become an online tutor. Explore them and start accordingly!

9 Start your website

Start your Website

Last but not least. Say you got a passion for writing. You can start a blog online. Throw away your experiences and incidents via that blog considering the interests of the audience as well. People don’t read crap okay! So do keep that in mind before starting a business website. Then, once you get down with the flow, you can look for specific monetization techniques like Adsense, affiliate marketing, podcasts, e-books. Earning through a website is quite a slow yet worthful process that requires full attention and patience in the journey being.

Hope you have got a fair idea of what are the ways to earn while studying the degree in a college. In any case, you would like to add something, please do the honor in the comments down below. Any queries or any experience are always appreciated.


Easy hacks to make Pocket Money
Easy hacks to make Pocket Money

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