30 Must Have Mobile Apps For Every College Student

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The fact of today’s generation is that you won’t find a single student without electronic gadgets. These smartphones are like the basic requirement for the youth like we used to have those essential three amenities for the living – food, shelter, and clothing. But today, only these three are sufficient for them to breath? NO! Not at all. Pupils are like living on these gadgets and smartphone. But what exactly is inside the smartphone that pulls them closer to it.

All the iOS and Android phones have applications which are not only solving the entertainment purpose for the children but also serves so many educational apps that make them keep up with the time, awareness of what is happening around, and that boosts their studying process.

It won’t be surprising to know that these apps are making a massive impact on every student’s lifestyle. And honestly, the teens are not only getting smarter day by day but also pretty ambitious. And ambitious people require smart technology to help them see the world through their perspective.

Every student is aware of all the basic apps that suit their need the best under their day to day activities. We will be discussing the must-haves for every college student. No, we are not talking about Instagram or WhatsApp! That you already know right? Although there are plenty of apps, we are here to list 30 of them that acts as a bucket full of resources for every college geek out there that makes their life simpler and more enjoyable.

Fun/Entertaining apps

1 Google play music/ iTunes U

One of the best music services provided by Google. A fantastic music player consisting of millions of songs at your fingertips. A smart idea either to set your playlist by prioritizing the songs of your choice in almost negligible time. And whether you are traveling to your college (on the way) or just chilling at your campus cafeteria or even when you are out for the evening walk, jog or gymming, this app can be your best friend!

For all the iPhone users, and if you are not aware of this app, iTunes U is a section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that emphasizes educational audio and video files from colleges, and public organizations for free download mobile devices.

2 TikTok

What to do in your spare time? Finding ways to entertain yourself? Here is it.. Tiktok(Previously known as musically) has everything to amuse your mood. It enables you to create short videos based on your interests like mimicry of your favorite actors from the movies, dancing on a song or even your original sound video. So basically it makes it easier for its users to capture their awesome, funny, memorable moments in a short video clip to share it with the world.

You are just a tap away for installing it in your smartphone. Life’s going fast, make every second count! And show us what you got!

3 Snapchat

Again very fantabulous chatting app that has so many face filters to spread the silliness all around.  It has got a video caller feature with your snap contacts. By posting every bit of work, you are doing now, and then on snapchat might be the taste of many. Have you tried this app before? No? Try it now for free!

Like the Snapchat itself says -“Life is more fun when you live in the moment:)” Happy snapping!

4 Pinterest

My favorite of all, PINTEREST. I love using this app. I have managed to make my profile so beautifully maintained by sorting everything out in the boards. So, you can create boards of any title, for example, makeup, health or trends and then pin-ups the relevant pins that are there in your feed(of the people you are probably following) for accessing it later.

All you gotta do it is a search for anything you are looking for in the search bar, it lists down abundance of visualizing information in no time(provided you have a good internet connection :D). You can follow people on Pinterest that posts stuff of your concerns. For its worth, it is boosting your search process to the next level!

5 Netflix

Widely known and used app best for watching your fav series or shows on your phone. This would help you probably when you are traveling to your campus or home, and you cannot open up your laptop on the go.  Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership, and you can spontaneously watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on your phone.

6 Arre app

Arre is a new-age educational and entertainment application. It has free services for Amazon prime customers that delivers stories fiction, nonfiction, web series, documentaries, audios, podcasts and much more.

Productivity enhancement /Organizing Apps

7 Google pay – transfer money easily

So what we used to do, even today we do that. Whenever we plan a hangout, a single person pays the bill. We threaten him/her for spending the whole bill. Absolutely not, just kidding !! We use the google pay app by dividing the shares amongst us, and the money directly goes to his/her bank account. Isn’t it easy and fast to access? Indeed it is.

8 Wunderlist -To-Do list & Tasks

Keeping track of your life has never been this easy.

You can track every task, deadline, appointment or whatever and set a reminder for the same. Because usually what happens is we tend to forget even the most essential things in our lives being so lost and busy in our schedules. So if you are also from one of those, this app is a lifesaver!

9 Evernote -a productivity tool

Prepare your daily to-do list in a more enhanced and efficient manner now. It is your go-to-note making tool or a pocket notebook. Gone are the days when we use to take down a bit of information by a pen and paper. Nobody bothers to make the notes on the paper and a pen. Thanks to Evernote! We can list down our notes anywhere under the sun. The beauty of Evernote is that it syncs with all your operating systems and across all your devices.

10 Focus@will: Be Productive

Do you ever happen to distract from the work you are currently doing? Or you seem to lose focus on your task? This app is for you. It hardly takes seconds to download the app and install it, and then you are good to go. It will be your guide in protecting you from going sidetrack.

11 1password

Are you using the same password for all your digital account for the sake of remembering different ones for different platforms? Hold on for a moment and read this. 1password is the tool that keeps all your passwords in one encrypted and shielded zone by a single password. So let’s say the next time you forget the password, without spending a lot of time by clicking ‘forget password’ and then reset it, this app will help you retrieve them in a one go.

Accommodation App

12 Nestaway

Are you moving out of the town to study or planning to do so in a couple of days? This mobile application is for you my friends. Nestaway is a user-friendly application whose only aim is to find a suitable apartment for the people in a big city. Gone are the days when you need to look up for every ‘to-let’ board to see a vacant living space.  You can put up the preferences according to your interests like the community around where you would like to rent a flat and how near is it to your college.

13 Scribd

It is a digital library, e-book and audiobook subscription service with more than 1 billion titles to read. You can look for the books of your interest. Scribd app gives free trial for the first 30 days. It has categories like sports, lifestyle, health and fitness, technology and the list goes on. Download the app and enjoy the reading experience in a fun and super-exciting way like never before.

14 Resume Builder

You will need a professional resume for starting up your career, be it the internships or a full fledged job. Resume builder(Free app) contains more than 75 resume templates for freshers as well experienced to enable the student to customize it according to their preferences.

Health/fitness Apps

15 Sworkit

Does your campus gym is flooded with the people always? Worry not; you can have the gym on your phone, or you want to avoid the gym at all the possible costs, you might want to check out Sworkit. Starting with your daily workout routine with the app is easy. It is a pure gem for you if you are a  health conscious person like me and never ready to compromise on it.

16 Sleep Cycle – the smart alarm clock

Sleep Cycle, an intelligent alarm clock that traces your quality of sleep, as well as your sleeping heart rate. But its unique feature is that it wakes you up during your average sleep state in the morning, making you feel fresh and ready to begin the day. So, it’s never too late to start a well-groomed bedtime routine with healthy sleeping habits anyhow. Install sleep cycle to get better on your sleeping patterns.

17 Fitbit

The motive of this app is to keep people motivated throughout their routine to lead a tensed-free and active lifestyle. Make use of the features like tracking your daily steps, how much of calories you have lost, what is the progress in your reports and so on.

18 Happify

As the name suggests, it does everything to keep you happy over time. This app offers science-based activities and games to overcome stress and negativity from your mind. It can build resilience by providing practical tools that improve emotional well being.

Socializing/ Informative Apps

19 Google maps

Not all of us know all the ways everywhere. And it happens at times when we need to reach the place we don’t know the way to. In that situation, this google application- maps allow you to navigate from your source to destination by giving the proper map route.

20 Events High – Meet Your City!

So the funda of this app is it makes you aware of all that is happening around your city this weekend (or even weekdays). In a click of a second, you can scan the world of things – The workshops, events, the stand-up comedies. So get away from the boredom of your daily routine and explore yourself. As of now, it is only available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi. Install it and get some awesome things to do this weekend – why to get bored again when you have access to this free app!

21 Nearby

Discover what’s new happening around the town by having access to the Nearby app.

It offers the best things to do, eat and buy, wherever you are! Make everyday awesome with this app. DIne at the finest of cafes and bars, pamper yourself at the affordable spas and saloons and get new shopping vouchers or explore your city closely..

22 In shorts

Nobody has the time to spend hours sitting and reading that news in the newspaper. Since everything is getting digital, and so in the style of getting the latest knowledge and news.

23 Instagram, Facebook

In the list of top 30 must-have apps, how can we forget these three apps that you will find in every student’s app! Instagram and facebooks are social media platforms to socialize with friends and families. You can keep a check on what is going on on their lives.Socializing with the friends by sharing the pictures, memories with the appropriate hashtags and captions has never been this easy until Instagram showed its way.

24 Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a messenger with the features of texting, sharing documents, pictures, songs, voice messages, voice, and video calling to your contacts over access to the internet. With the help of video group callings, it has made a lot more accessible for the WhatsApp groups to make the call at once. And there you go! Enjoy the oh-so-happening chatting experience with WhatsApp.

Food delivery App

25 Food Inbox – All in one

So you are living in campus hostel or a PG (paying guest). And you are sick and tired of eating the mess food every day. Isn’t it awesome to have all the food ordering apps( Zomato, Swiggy, burger king, etc.) in this single app? I know it is. And for you, it is magnificently amazing to have on the mobile phone. Afterall mind starts to think when the stomach is fully satisfied.

Motivational/ Inspirational Apps

26 Bestifyme/ Inspirational quotes

Ever thought of having a phone in your hand that would suggest the ways and trick improve on our personality? Bestifyme does the same work. It promotes and develops the personality character by providing pro tips and pieces of training with specific quotes.

If you are that person, who likes to read inspirational stuff every day which gets updated daily, then go for Inspirational quotes app without having a second thought in mind.

One of my favorite quotes from this app which I still remember that purely changed my perspective of living life -“In the end, it does not matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.” This made me understand to seize every moment!

Transportation App

27 Ola/Uber

Ola cab is an application that most of you are already aware of that offers the easiest & fastest way to book a ride. With covering the states like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, & Ahmedabad, Ola is the most popular cab booking service in India. Download it to experience hustle free traveling.

Uber also provides a comfortable and relaxing traveling time. So requesting a cab is now just a tap away.

Shopping Apps

28 Myntra, Chumbak

The most leading app for fashion and lifestyle in India Myntra is on the go shopping application.

From the clothing to accessories and every customize needs for men, women, and kids, you will get everything in this app.

Chumbak is the design lifestyle brand with a product fulfilling the requirements of fashion and home requirements. SHopping with chumbak is easier. It has an extensive collection of contemporary clothing to match up with the trends, the footwear, the jewelry to give complete looks to an outfit, home decor to brighten up the living spaces with a new smart look!

Discounting Apps

29 Little – Deals offers near you

This app keeps you updated by giving the offers and deals on nearby stores. It helps you save money when you make a purchase using these coupons at restaurants, bars, saloons, gaming spots, waterpark, amusement parks, and the list goes on!

You name it, and the little app has the best deals and offers for you.

30 Magicpin – cashback offers and vouchers near you

Magic in is the most reliable free cashback app to catch great deals, discounts, offers, coupons, and vouchers at buffets, beauty, spas, fashion stores, movies, chemist, grocery, petrol pumps, and electronic stores. You can also find the friends where they are hanging out and search for places where to dine tonight.

By signing up, get flat 50 rupees.

While you’re using all of these applications to help you in your day-to-day actions, you must also take a moment to appreciate how exciting it is to be in a time where pretty ordinary people with extraordinary talents are meeting every small, seemingly insignificant need. Won’t it be great to tell your grandkids that you were around when Ola and Shuttle evolved out and changed transportation forever, or that your phone began instructing you how healthy you are? Even as a person who’s tolerably repellent to technology, I have to admit there are some apps for college students that I can’t imagine my college life without.


30 Must have mobile apps for every College Student
30 Must have mobile apps for every College Student

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