How To Be a Morning Person In College

woman doing meditation on hills

I have faith in early mornings. A decent, early morning can set the tone for an incredible day. A quiet morning can ditch you feeling very much rested throughout the day. A productive morning can place you in an excellent disposition for a considerable length of time. A solid morning can make you feel marvelous until you hit the bed.

Every college student needs to focus on their morning routine that is as important as watching the fav web series. Well, yeah. Many students still don’t bother to wake up early regardless of the first lecture.

Be an early bird to bed

So like you are keen to be a morning person. You need to kick out all those habits that are acting as obstacles on your way to be one. For instance, something that causes you to sleep for long hours, watching movies or lat night chit-chats with your BFFs. That needs to be cut off like for being a smart morning person.

There has to be a change in the lifestyle change from night shift to morning shift. You must be thinking how? So here is the answer to that. If you want to show up as a morning person, you need to adopt all the great habits to shine brightly as the sun in the morning.

Pursue a morning routine

Green tea pouring in cup
Green tea pouring in cup

I admire it personally. To be honest, this has helped me a lot in my college days being more productive and organized that has added more value to my lifestyle in a positive manner of course. I recommend the same for you guys.

If you too wish to be on the path of being a person that shows up early to rise in the morning, then start with a morning routine. It could be a meditation, yoga or even the workout sweating.

Give your eyes a break at least half an hour before going to bed

Well, our eyes suffer a lot you see. Starting from working on laptops for the work and then playing games and different apps what keeps us stick to it.

But then when you are about to sleep, make sure to do digital detoxification. That is keeping all the electronic aside and making yourself ready to go to sleep. And you will find yourself a more intensified version than ever!

Expose to natural fresh air in the morning

People doing Yoga in natural
People doing Yoga in natural

This can prove to be an impressive trick. For you to be more of a morning person, this tip would surely be going to benefit you in feeling the natural freshness of the air.  Nature’ beauty is that it makes anybody feel contentful with its charm and elegance.

Avoid keeping your alarm clock next to your bed

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock

Okay! So this one is understood – you can’t slap the snooze while in bed if your alarm clock is too far away to do so.

Doing this will push you to stand up, get out of bed and make the decision to press snooze (which you won’t after reading the next tip).

Set music as the alarm tone

Have you ever learned of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? How on earth can anyone suspect to wake up in a great mood to an annoying beep or ringing tone? Admittedly, that’s where the expression originated. That’s enough to drive a person crazy!

Set your alarm to your favorite playlist, so you wake up slowly and smoothly and, and in a mood that’s ready to vanquish the day.

Throw away the”just five more minutes” from your mind

Come on friends! You all are grown ups now. It is not the right time for you to procrastinate everything now and then. It was justified when you were into a school and got immature behavior. But try getting a scale up now and stop behaving like a school kid. Because one day you will be going to the office and you can not break those rules out of your interest, unlike college. So start preparing yourself for your future self.

Will, you starting adapting these tips in your routine to be a more productive and a morning person?

Also if you have any of the morning memories or thoughts that came up in your mind while reading this blog, you can share with us in the comments below.





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