How To Find Your Crowd In College

Group of Friends

It’s hardly been 2-3 years for me graduating from the college.

And I have not made a good number of friends, but good quality of them for sure which I can proudly say.

After graduating from college, I can say in all honesty that those friendships are some of the most important ones you’d ever have.

If you are stepping into college life, this might be the primary concern for you to know how you will find the right kind of crowd in your campus. I know you are relating this with your life. Never mind, all that I have learned in my journey of college life, I am sharing the tips that worked for me down below.

Friends Chilling Out
Friends Chilling Out

Solicit them

If you are moving out of the town for your education, you probably need to explore more, know more people. Seek them by approaching whom you find pretty interesting.

So how I got my type of friends in the college.

I always have been that type of student who was very much into participating in the workshop, competition (academics as well as extracurricular). So when you be a part of such events, people from various campuses come and showcase their talent. That might be a factor for you to decide if they are the right fit for you because these events give an excellent idea for you to make a wise decision in choosing your friends. I hope that makes sense.

Push yourself more in participating and taking the lead for the campus fests, and you will find more of the people of your interest there. That’s how life goes. It is the law of life.

Be Frank

Whenever we (me and batchmates) all use to sit in the cafeteria conversation happening around, I used to take part in it almost every discussion with the batchmates, seniors.

This is one of the ways people get to know you. If you keep quiet for the time when you should come out with your words, then it might be the chances you have to stay quiet for the next three years. Just kidding!!

But still, open up with them as much as you can to gain the quality of people in your life. Take the initiative, spread the humor, be the spotlight, the ball will be in your court!

Be patient

I wish I could write all this and then say that finding these gems(friends) is easy. That will be close to lying because it is not that easy. But, it is worth it. Be Patient, Stay open, learn that college is a new experience for everyone, and remember to stay positive. Those wonderful friendships are just around the corner.

Get ready to experience the enthralling days of your life with them.

I have some priceless memories with my clan, and I am thankful to them for giving me so beautiful and precious memories to cherish for the lifetime.

These days won’t be back guys, Ask me how badly I miss my college days!  I want to reminisce all those days in my life back!

Enjoy every second of it and make the best out of your college life.

These are some of the best days of your life, and you will realize only when you will be graduate from the university. In the end, college life is not just about taking the degree in hand and walking away silently but stepping ahead in life with dignity and pride withholding the degree plus a bag full of memories, pictures, and thoughts with your batchmates you will treasure for your whole life!

Tell us about your college days, how you guys struggled in making the right friends. Or if you still in college tell us how these tips work for you. We would love hearing from you.

Keep contributing the good information.

Don’t keep us a secret! Share us with the world.

How to find your crowd in College
How to find your crowd in College

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