How To Spend Time In Between The Lectures Sessions

How to spend time in between lectures

1 Save some money on books

Well, we all go through those ‘money shortage’ kind of phase. Still, we have to spend some of the amounts on them(who will clear the exams then!!). But hey! If you have a great chance to explore those abundant of books in the library, why not pick up some and get them issued for a week or a month(depends from university to university).  Or sitting in the tranquility is not a bad idea either!

2 Visit the Gym

Visit the Gym
Visit the Gym

Nowadays almost every college has the facility of gym and games in the ground. Grab the fortunate opportunity to dispense some extra effort off your body in the gym. Working out is another fun factor you could think to add to your free and leisure time until the next lecture time hits the clock.

3 Take a nap

Take the Nap

Alas! We all felt so drowsy while sitting in the lectures. Some are pretty boring, and some are interesting too. Meanwhile spending some time and relaxing at the nearby garden or a playground of the campus is a call to rescue!

4 Explore adjacent sites

Step out of the university to explore the nearby cafes, malls, and marketplaces with your group, after all, going to college is not all about taking the lectures one by one. Breath outside the campus and get to cherish the moments.

5 Participate in the lunch-break events

Large enough campuses seldom host sing-along and seminars during the afternoon. They know pretty well that so many of you are flopping around waiting for your next lecture to start. Amazing people work so hard putting everything all together, so take advantage of all the free meals and leanings.
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How to spend time in between the lectures sessions
How to spend time in between the lectures sessions

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