Importance Of 11:59 PM In a Student’s Life

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Being in college is not that easy as it seems. You are getting ready hurriedly in the morning on time to forbear yourself from those unwanted scoldings from the teachers for getting late in the very first lecture, submission of the assignments and projects before the deadline, remembering your best friend’s or girlfriends birthday. That happens undoubtedly, right? College life has a lot of twist and turns.

Someday you are unexplanatory happy for everything that is happening around( ke Haan sab Kuch Sahi chal rahaa hai), and then suddenly a lot of pressure is pumped on to your shoulders via e-mails for the projects and presentations by the class representative(CR).

Nothing beats the feeling of having a sudden thought struck the mind tomorrow is the submission for science homework and my dear kid, have you even started with it?

11:59 is a life changing time for us.  So let us come straight to the point now by jumping onto the thoughts and feelings that go through every college student’s mind at 11:59 pm. And most you would be able to relate it with it.

1 Is there anything I forget for tomorrow

Be it the birthday of the close friend from your batch or college. Afterall you don’t want them to escape from losing their pocket giving the birthday treat.LOL, True that! And of course, those group videos calls/ conference calls shouting together at 12 at night to wish them the abundance of wishes on their special day has its own charm. I know you nodded right!

2 Damn! These morning lectures

Taking Lecture

As soon as your phone says it’s 11:59 at night, it happens with everyone who is not seeming to take the early morning lectures because they are busy chatting waking up late nights convincing their bae for the movie the next morning while bunking the class. And for all of my readers(college students), I would like to say that you are probably in that age group when you are struggling a lot to make everything right for you and your future. The struggle is to focus on the lectures that would fetch you good grades or missing them because there is a campus party going on!

3  Forget it, let’s sleep

Or you might be convincing yourself too hard to take a sleep, leaving everything aside that is troubling for the time being. Just allowing yourself to relax and sleep properly is okay. It is acceptable for your body if you feel that way. Because in the end, you can’t pour anything from an empty mug. Get the right dose of a break for your brain and body so you will wake up fresh next day.

4 Netflix or Assignment

Netflix or Assignment
Netflix or Assignment

A significant confusion to chose from is either watching Netflix or complete the tasks and assignments that your accounts teacher asked you to submit it the next day.

Unless it is the Saturday night, it’s a cumbersome decision to make risking your on-time submissions which would mark your internals marks.

5 What am I doing with my life?

Then it happens suddenly at 11:59 you start to think about your life so profoundly. In what direction am I taking it? Am I doing it the right way? Since nobody is around and you found some time to be alone and spent it with yourself. As soon as you hit the bed, these thoughts start popping up through your brain to provoke you. It is okay. I feel the pain.

6 I am feeling hungry, shall I order the burger

And then there are days just before midnight when we feel starving may be due to the insomniac you are facing due to the random thoughts that force you not to sleep. What can you get to have at almost midnight when you find nothing in the kitchen or the pantry to eat. Order a burger? Again a dilemma to order or not to, because the time for delivery is almost over. If you pay keen attention to it, it is your heart that says it’s hungry and not your stomach(because it had dinner just 2 hours back).

7 Thank god, I am done with tomorrow’s  submission

Also 11:59 is a time changing clock position. Are you wondering how? It is undoubtedly favorable to pay attention to the fact that it is equally important to spend the right amount of time in completing the tasks and homework regardless of how you have done it(just kidding!). It brings the sense of pride and self-esteem that you finished all your work before hitting midnight.

I know how all these thoughts pop up within a period and cause mood swings so frequently. I can relate to this very well.
Does any of these thoughts match yours at 11:59 at night? Share it in the comment section below. We would love to hear it from you.


Importance of 11:59 PM in a student's life
Importance of 11:59 PM in a student’s life

Akanksha Bawa

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