Pocket-Friendly Student Date Ideas

Student date Ideas

Lets us face it. We have a lot of desires to move out and spend some quality time with our loved ones. But then we look at our pockets and then we are like ‘Ugh.’ I know the feeling. I have gone through the phase. All a student wishes is to enjoy less expensive yet classy dates. So keep all your worries at bay, because we bring you the top incredible hangout spots for the perfect date.

1  Get on to a Disco

It’s the time to disco, hooo oo oo!!

Taking your partner out to a pub is an excellent idea to spend some quality time.  That is a way more spectacular style of dancing it out. This is the right place for the ones who love being at the crowded and enjoy loud music and move a body on the live track!

Also adding the extra species to the bars apart from having those

2 Pick a perfect Picnic spot

Sounds a typical family outing? Haha. It does not have to be at all! Anybody can plan an outing at a picnic spot.

The beauty of the picnic date is they don’t have to be that much expensive to impress. Enjoying and eating together with the home cooked food at any public space where the people allow you to sit are useful to consider in your list.

You can keep this option for the summer to be more precise, although a wintertime picnic can go down well as long as you dress suitably and bring a container of something hot!

3 Ice-skating or a Bowling


I just loved this one personally! What more can you expect while enjoying your favorite game along with the best company!

Bowling is excellent for a first date as it gives you something to discuss and takes some of the weights off by allowing you to laugh at each other strutting your stuff. Ice skating, on the other hand, is useful if you plan to go out in the summers so that you can experience that frizzy cold atmosphere of skating on the ice. You can find these options at the malls nearby.

4 Watch the sunset together

Watch Sunset
Watch Sunset

Can you think of a more lovely date than sitting in a pleasant place watching the sunset together?

It is the unmatchable quality date with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are sometimes when you need to sit together and talk about ‘life.’ That’s happened with you also. Do yourself a favor, pick a beautiful location with a beautiful view of the sunset and enjoy the particular time over a cup of coffee. I am sure this will be a memorable one for both of you.

5 Walk down the streets

‘A walk to remember’ by Nichola Sparks, have you read this novel? I have, and it is so gracefully written about a girl and a boy who had a never-ending admiring conversation while they were walking down the way. You too can give your love story an exceptional kick through walking and talking.

6 A romantic film

A bucket full of popcorns and a movie that both of you are excited to watch could be the best decision for an astounding date.

Before you book for the tickets, ensure that the movie genre is likable by both of you so that one does not sit like ‘what am I doing here.’ I hope that makes sense.

Also if you book the tickets through bookmyshow.com, you get some vouchers and discounts as well occasionally. Cashbacks are also a hit for this site. Go for it guys!

7 Grab those free passes!

Grab the passes
Grab the passes

Hold your attention to the events going on in your local area. You can have a look at it in the local papers or Instagram or the Facebook pages.

Besides that, try Googling ‘What’s hot in [your city name] this weekend,’ and a few ideas would jump out!

You can plan a pleasant visit to a food festival, stand-Ups comedy, trade fair, a book fair that happens at Pragati Maidan every year. Even a street fair would be a great shout! They’re usually inexpensive (if not free) to attend and can be an excellent way to spend the whole day long.

8 Cook for your date

Cook for your Date
Cook for your Date

Of all those fancy, expensive and over-priced restaurants out there, nothing can beat the food that you cooked by your own hands with warmth and affection for your beloved one. Sounds so idyllic! I know that does. Invite them over lunch or dinner at your place. Put the lights dim to get the feel of candle-light food time and play the slow soften instrumental music in your Bluetooth speakers. WOW! You are all set. They are going to go flat on this kind of date, trust me.

9 Long drive

I was almost about to miss this point. But then while writing these points, I somehow went back to my college days thinking about what else we use to do for a special evening. This is it. A long drive is another option you can go with to chill out with your partner not knowing the place. It’s just the drive. Only you and your partner accompanied by the mutual favorite track on the speakers.

10 Dine out with coupons

There is an app dine out that delivers special offers on all the occasions and special events. Make wise use of the

Also, you need to check your various other apps from where you might have got some coupon tickets for dinner. Use them before they get expired and take advantage of it!

 Scratch your head

If none of these ideas work for you, you need to explore a bit more to bring out the best plans that would work for you guys. For that, you need to recollect the points what they are actually into? What do they like to do in their free time? Plan accordingly. You will land up somewhere that can be your best date ever!!

Have you ever faced any difficulty or had a similar experience in finding a perfect spot to go on a date? How did you handle to come up with the ideas then? Let’s discuss in the comments down below. And and and, do not forget to share it with every gig of your group.

Have a great time with your date!

See you next with some more fun and entertaining posts!


pocket-friendly Student Date Ideas
pocket-friendly Student Date Ideas

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