How To Plan The First Date

Planning out the first date comes up with the mutual interest of the two.

So you guys are interested in a spending secret time at a peaceful place or a cafe to chill out with the drinks or maybe the disco bar to rock those sizzling dance moves. There has to be comprehensive planning beforehand for the auspicious date; after all, it’s your first date with them, how can it not be the perfect one. (wink wink!)

So what could be the possibilities for you to keep in mind for a successful date?

Let’s take a glance at them.

1 First impression

Everyone wants to look good at the first date, but you don’t want to look great at the cost of your comfort! Which is why choosing your shoes should be a wise decision. Know before stepping out for the date that you can walk in those heals/shoes without causing any uneasiness to yourself. Can you imagine walking around all night and about to fall because you did not test the shoes? It would be so awkward and probably make your date wonder what is wrong with you.

So if you want the evening to go smooth, make sure to give those shoes you bought for the date a trial run beforehand. I am sure you won’t regret this decision!

2 Your date’s name

In this era of tinder and other dating apps, we all talk to a lot of potential bows! Now that you have decided to meet one of them make sure you learn his/her name. This would save embarrassment out of you.

3 Where are you going

Bench Countryside Couple
Bench Countryside Couple

Do you have specific food allergic issues to the food or cuisines, then you should be aware where you are heading to before you agree to a date with someone. Even if you do not have any food allergies, it is good to know which kind of place you are going to go so you do not end up having to choose between what you dislike and what you hate!

4 Talk

Even if you are a shy kind of person, Please don’t show up like you are not interested in much talking. Seriously? Are you the same type? Give me a break! Then why did you choose to be on the date in the first place? Rethink, why are you here.

Remember, You are here to know each other. What is the mode other than talking? Nobody will be able to figure out if you guys like each other or not. What are your everyday habits and hobbies or what is the interest of one person that might not convince the other!

So open up and speak to them in a friendly manner as much as you can. That would help you!

5 Payment

When you were younger, you would have imagined those fairy tales where a man takes off his wallet to pay for the amount at the dinner date. Nowadays the scenarios had been changed! Many guys don’t do that. They presume you to show some interest in the payment as well. This is an important thing to know. Just in case you happen to make a payment, you come prepared with your money or card in your bag.

6 Try to know on which page they are

Put your best foot forward in identifying them. Try to get their thoughts out of their head and see on which page they are. If they want to look at your funny side, make a few jokes. If they’re going to look at your kind side, give them a few compliments!!

7 Love at first sight

Date at Cafe
Date at Cafe

In romantic comedies we have seen, ‘love at first sight’ is pretty common. Chill!! In the world that we are living in, it is not at all the same case. So don’t go into it, like the love starts oozing out as soon as you look into their eyes. That probably won’t happen. And that’s okay. Love can always grow over time. Never put so much pressure on them to think about the future with you.

If the first date goes well, it’s great! Even if it is not. Just know that it is entirely normal.

Do you feel more confident to go on a date with your crush now?

Let us know in the comments down below.


How to plan the first date
How to plan the first date
How to plan the first date
How to plan the first date

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