Great Hobbies For College Students

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Waking up every morning.

Dressing up like a boss!

Reaching college every day.

Taking lectures, bunking some!

Chit-chats at the canteen(some are too intense, some are just rubbish!).

Assignments submission.

Freshers/farewell parties.

Is that all you are up to being a college guy or a girl?

Take a second to make a pause over this loop and sit back and think.

Why to chose a hobby?

What you wanted to become when you were a child( I am talking about those school days when your teacher used to ask you what you want to be in life when you grow old).

Do you get me? Now one or two things are on your mind while reading this.

Don’t forget it. Keep it alive until the end of this blog post. It will help you relate much of it.

So now that you have grown up and for any reason, you weren’t able to pursue that passion professionally. Did you think of taking it as a hobby or a leisure pursuit for that matter?

Yes? NO?

Okay, let me explain to you with my example(naah! I don’t mind getting it open it with you).

The story was about a girl (me) who got a good back in dancing. She did her best in every annual day and never left a chance to participate in any of the events, fests or cultural activities. Now in the family in which I have born and brought up never thought of it as a profession(DANCING ) anyhow.

Then as I grew up, I was made to think it like that way you have to make your career in your studies only. This singing, dancing is like, and you can pursue them side by side. I was unable to make a decision. So the only thought that was not leaving out of my mind ‘if my family will not support me how can I really enter this world.’

I agreed to them and then started to go after my passion -Dancing by making it as a hobby. ( I do it now and will do it till my last breath)

So the idea to explain the above story to you guys was totally making you come out with your creative side and follow them in the form of hobby.

Did you do good paintings, arts?

Or have a good voice?

Or good at hitting the goals or a basket?

It could be anything. This purely comes out of the interest.

Benefits of having a hobby

Pursuing a hobby keeps you cheerful all the time by making a mental and a healthy balance of your mind.

Following a proper routine of hobbies, there won’t be a single day in your life when you will have to doubt yourself.

It keeps you the young lifetime.

That being said, I hope you are somewhat excited to know the list of hobbies one can pursue while in college.

Great hobby for the college student

So I have come up with some great hobbies for the college students which you can scratch your head and think if it is made for you(which most of you must have neglected due to the pressure of the studies, I KNOW THE FEEL).

No worries. Let’s see what those mind-blowing hobbies for college students are.

  • Sports

How about devoting free time in between your college lectures or in the evening probably for your favorite sport.

Come on! Now don’t make excuses that you have a lot of assignments and projects as of the due date. Everybody has got a busy schedule. But don’t let the plan steal away the things that make you happy. Can’t you spare out 1 hour out of twenty-four hours a day for your passion/hobby? Of course, you can and you should! And I believe you will, after reading the full post till the end.

Stay tuned!

  • Singing/Dancing

Dancers are not made in heaven nor do singers!

Every student has some or the other talent inbuilt. What requires is an intense workout to figure out doing what makes you feel pleased and say ‘how does the time run out so fast.’

If you find it that sounds similar to what I have spoken above, You found your passion!

Devote extra time to expand it in the right direction that would turn to bloom your passion!

  • Reading/Writing

I know reading seems like the last hobby you want to get into as a student. After all, you already have heavy books and lots of course material to get through. However, something is soothing about switching from non-fiction books to some of the best fiction, comedy, love stories titles. Get a peaceful place and sit there with a novel in one hand and a mug of your favorite drink in another and go with the flow as you read every word of the book. You can go for Kindle as well if you don’t feel like carrying the books with you.

On the other hand, some students get attracted to writing. The best time to write is just before sleeping. You can write a diary entry daily about your daily life or any story or a blog or any experience.

  • Traveling

Traveling to a nearby place with your group of friends can be a reason for relieving you from all the worries and tensions. Seriously a grand holiday at an excellent destination would leave you to refresh and recharge. It is indeed a mind-blowing to take it as a hobby to pursue when you have money and time with you. Go for it!

  • Painting
art artist beautiful
art artist beautiful

You can consider this option in your shortlisted category if you are fond of drawing, painting or art and crafts. Throw up your hidden creativity at the white sheet. If nothing, you can always paint your room the way you wish it to be look alike. Plan a theme every six months and decorate your room with your creativity and make your family stunned by the caliber of your hands.

  • Content creation

Content creation is a comparatively modish hobby, but it is a hobby that could also lead to many great opportunities in the future

It begins by brainstorming sessions with your mind. By building a strong audience base, and you too can make massive money from creating the best content on social media and video sharing online platforms.  Content comes in a variety of ways. Some of them are –

  • Youtube

By posting your videos, tutorials on youtube, you can reach out to many people and showcase your talent that won’t go unnoticed.

  • Start with a WordPress site

If you are interested in writing your content, you can start with a blog website by reaching out to the targetted audience.

  • Instagram

People nowadays are like crazy about Instagram. Look for a particular niche like food blogging, fashion lifestyle, etc. Start by creating a business profile and post your content there with the appropriate usage of hashtags.

  • StumbleUpon/Reddit/ Tumblr

If you haven’t heard about these sites, Let me make a =briefe introduction to these sites.

These are the blog/articles submission sites. This is another criterion to focus on posting content

Make yourself stand out with your passion

And it is not only about relinquishing your free time and relax a little bit. Of course, that is one reason why one must pursue a hobby.

But think deeply, what if practicing slowly and steadily you get so much of expertise in it and make yourself as a stand out brand among the crowd? Are you getting the point?

By being disciplined and confident of what you are doing or planning to do seems to play a significant role in helping you succeed in your passion.

Another point to keep in mind takes yourself seriously in what you opt to make it your strength or a better way is to choose something that is your strength.

Over to you

achievement adult agent
achievement adult agent

It solely depends on you. How you going to take it and how would you want it to turn up like?

Sounds fair enough?

In my experience, I have seen so many of my friends doing great and earning decent cash out of their hobbies.  And that is not all about it. They struggled to create themselves as a public figure too. Take it as an inspiration.

Who knows a simple living middle-class person by starting a hobby blog or by posting videos start getting a genuine healthy response.

It takes a lot of hard work and patience to keep up the high spirits throughout and take up your passion to the next level!

Make sure that everything you do let’s say how you show up, how you act, what you mean, what you do–is a reflection of who you are, so your character and spirit are compatible across every situation.

It is all about investing in yourself.

If you do it right, you won’t regret it ever and would thank yourself for making the biggest ever investment that paid your best interest.

But step up the first ladder today.

A ladder named ‘BEGIN.’

That says to take the first step towards your dream and bloom it the way you want it to be!

No if, no but!

Start pondering about it today and give birth to your new personality!

Signing off!


Great Hobbies for college student
Great Hobbies for college student

Akanksha Bawa

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