How To Look Your Best Every Day

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Sometimes, when you are exhausted from college, you might want to throw some discordant clothes and go about your day. However, it’s necessary to put effort into your appearance every day. It’s easy to look your best every day by paying a little attention to your hygiene and physical appearance. It makes you feel terrific.
I other words, What all that matters to begin your day is feeling good. If you will feel and look good, your day will automatically pay you the best.

Slay your style

  • Invest in Your Wardrobe

To look at the best, the very first thing you will be required is the dresses and outfits and shoes.
It is needless to say that a college girl’s wardrobe must have all varieties of dresses and various designs of shoes to match up every day.

  • Plan Your Outfit A Night Before
clothes clothes hanger clothing
clothes clothes hanger clothing

To save yourself from mismatching of outfits and shoes, it is better to plan what you are going to wear a night earlier. Doing this would save a lot of time too when getting ready for the college.
Having said that,

  • Clean Your Closet

Filter out the clothes that won’t fit you anymore. By keeping a regular check on the size of the wardrobe(what all to keep and what not to), you won’t find it difficult to select your favorites shirt/top or a dress every morning while getting ready for the first class.
Donate the old clothes to the poor and the needy people in your area or reuse them by DIY(Do It Yourself) stuff if you got some creative thoughts related to that.

  • Put On A Perfume

Do you like some floral, fruity or a spicy kind of fragrance from your friend’s body? Well, everyone loves it unless it is getting over your head. Be wise in selecting your body perfume and spray it all over while dressing up every day. This would help you look and feel fresh throughout the day.

Being Hygenic

  • Teeth

Dedication at least 10  minutes to your teeth is a must every morning. Brushing is the first task we all do after getting off the bed.

  • Hair Care
beautiful hair iron hair straightener
beautiful hair iron hair straightener

Look after y our hair precautionary. There are a lot of problem women suffer like split ends, detangled hair, greying of hair, dandruff and a lot more.
Keeping excellent and healthy care of your hair would probably prevent you from suffering from these possible hair problems.
Visit the salon for your hair trimming in a regular interval of time.
Nourish with the suitable hair mask for your hair texture.

  • Shower

Showering is a significant part of our daily hygienic routine that goes without saying for every day (any time of the day; it hardly matters).
Keeping your body clean and healthy would eventually boast up the self-esteem power within yourself and push yourself towards doing more and more good.

  • Skin Care

Pollution, dust, UV rays from the sun and the dirt particles are enough to spoil your skin when you step out of your house.
Follow a CTM (Cleansing, moisturizing, and toning) skin care routine and regular face packs and cleansers to pamper your skin and keep it safe and soothing for an extended period.

  • MakeUp

Makeup is every girl’s best friend.
We love using makeup and carrying it within our bag wherever we go. Be it any party in the town or a regular hangout or you are going for a date (we can’t afford to miss the makeup kit in this case).
Go for the brands you trust or any of your family member has used it. Makeup you use must be trustworthy in all aspects.
From foundation to eye mascara to lipstick everything should be perfect your being to carry yourself confidently
Do not trust others for the brands, always try it and then go for it.

From Personality Perspective

  • Confidence Level
beautiful casual cute
beautiful casual cute

Building a certain level of confidence within yourself is what people value and respect more. You look more informed and decisive about yourself. It refers to the values and opinion you believe in and moving forward with that without any doubt.

  • Smile

They say a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. Smiling face appealingly beautifies the personality and enhances the face structure. Keeping a smile on your face reflects your inner and outer beauty and prospects that you are happy and content with what you have and what you are.

  • Avoid Gossiping

The worst thing one can ever do to ruin their personality is gossiping. I mean why does anybody want to do that in the first place?
Nobody likes being around the pupils who love gossiping(most of them I am talking about)
No one will ever be around you if you gossip, lie, and are just an all-around awful person.

Show Up Your Healthy Side

  • Eat Healthily

Coming to healthy eating habits, we become a forgetful person in consuming what is good of our body in a hurry to reach the college.
We get whatever we find to fill up the tummy. But that isn’t the right thing we are doing.
Change the habits if you are planning to move yourself to a track where you could see a better version of yourself.
Vegetables, fruits, whole grains are something that would not only keep you healthy and active but also look after the deficiency of any nutrients you have been facing.

  • Exercise

Start going for running every day for twenty minutes.
If you are already into a physical activity like Zumba, aerobics gym or skipping, its well and good and if not you better need to pull up your socks and start doing it now for a healthy future.
Sweating is as essential as inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.
Start doing it today!

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking of eight glasses of water per day makes a huge difference.
It is a beautiful gift that’s next to free so use it!
It keeps the body circulation in proper flow and keeps you glowing.

  • Use An Eye Drop

By applying a particular eye drop (Gulab jal in my case).
This is because gazing the electronic gadgets for a very long time(hours and hours) cause the entry of ultraviolet rays that are released from laptops and tablets. But we can’t help it. We have to attend the computer labs sessions and so many assignments to submit. Right?

What is in our hands is taking the proper precautions for our eyes.
Also flushing the eyes with cold water can keep them clean and relaxed.
You must have got a decent idea as to what all things are necessary to look your best every day.

Comment your views and opinions down below.

Any queries if you have, are most welcomed!


How To Look Your Best Every Day
How To Look Your Best Every Day

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