Upcoming Part Time Job Opportunities For College Students

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So if we take it this way, what do you consider the best jobs for the college students?
“The ones that pay the maximum” is an expected answer. But earning potential is not the only determinant to think about. After all, it’s important to look for the right kind of job that meets the study schedule of the students. And if it can move your career hopes forward, that would add an extra value to your academics too. Consequently, the best jobs for college students are those that provide good pay, come with flexible schedules, or have the potential to improve your future career.

1 Freelancing

Perhaps the most easily found jobs over the web. After completing college hours, if you can find out some time before you go to bed to accomplish specific tasks for the organizations at the comfort of your home. Check out the appropriate freelancing jobs at freelancer and internshala.
Are you good at computer programming? Go for web designing. Are you a good writer? Go for blog/ article writing. Do you have some creative skill? Get into graphic designing.
Find the list of some of the freelancing ideas below you can take into account which you can proceed within your free time. And mind you, take the projects only which you are purely interested in, and never take them for granted.

  • IT/Software Development
  • Writer/blogger
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Translation of languages

2 Book-keeper

Are you looking forward to pursuing your job in business and accounting? Good enough! Here is an opportunity for you to get your hands on practicing it by being a bookkeeper. Yes, you read it right. So what does a bookkeeper do?  The primary duty of bookkeeping is to manage all the transactions (credit/debit) on computer software. They produce financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, to get it checked by their senior managers.

3 Home Tutor

The most apparent part-time jobs that many of you must be already engaged in.
Are you the one of your college gang where all your batch mates approach you to explain so and so topic (maybe they didn’t understand their professor’s lectures or missed one)? That’s the point to raise upon here by using your teaching skills which will fetch you the right amount of money.
So, you can pick up your favorite subject in which you think you are good at, look for home tuition’s online or even by asking your contacts. You can signup at thetutionteacher.com looking for the possible students according to the subject, distance(location) and their budget. If you can easily spare 2 hours daily, you can earn good pocket money. Or if you can only devote the time at weekends, not a problem. You can charge hourly or monthly as per your( and the student’s) desires.

4 Bartender

Apart from the potential to earn good money, Being a bartender solves the purpose of working part-time (which probably is the time flexibility). Sounds good?  
There are bars and restaurant where you can work for in late evenings or even at the weekends. Also if you are not planning to make a career in this field, there is nothing wrong in doing this for

5 Uber Driver

Uber is a rideshare company that connects drivers with riders through a smartphone app or website. Passengers and drivers create the profiles where they can see each other beforehand, and the transfer of money takes place before the ride so that no money exchange remains pending later. As long as drivers are over the age of 21 and meet Uber’s insurance, criminal record check, and vehicle conditions, they can qualify to work as rideshare drivers.

6 Customer Service Executive

Customer Service Executive
Customer Service Executive

Working as a customer service representative is an excellent way for you to gain a good grasp over necessary communication skills that could help you succeed throughout your career.
So the job description is to answer calls professionally to provide information about products and services offered by the company you are working with. Or it can be another way round by receiving calls in solving their issues and problems regarding the product.

7 House painting

Were you a good painter during your school days and used to score good grades in art and painting? Try this! Get some of the house painting projects and start working during your summer vacations. Hardly does it take one month or so to paint the full house.

8 Photography

Backpack camera camera lenses
Backpack camera camera lenses

If you are one of those, who love to capture good things and memories professionally? Hey.. what are you waiting for? Grab this fantastic opportunity to earn a good amount at the cost of nothing but your interest. It’s a win-win!

9 Modeling/Acting

A life-changing career for you if you begin with the baby steps as a part-time job. Won’t it be cool if you like to see yourself as an actor or a model 5-6 years down the line and you get the break as a part-time in an advertisement of the photo shoot for a magazine? Think about it. This indeed can add charm to your personality.

10 Summer camp counsellers

Let’s say your campus or any other campus in the town regularly organizes a summer camp during the vacation period. During that period of 2-3, months they need some counsellers or volunteers which they require to manage each and everything. And that is 100% paid job (maybe less) like a stipend, but then you get to explore different fields of camps and all.
Be it any of the above posts in which you push yourself to work as a part-time, make one thing very clear in mind that taking whatever you chose as a matter of full responsibility is the key to success. Who knows if you perform well in any of the areas, they might offer you ample time opportunity. And hurray!! You get placed before the actual campus placement schedule.
And apparently, it’s not mandatory for one to go in the same professional line as you take up for the part-time, because at the end money also matter if you have time to make some money on doing which you don’t mind doing isnt a bad idea at all. Think once!
Apart from what all have been discussed above, you can check more of the jobs on the google which might excite you and get exposed to the ocean of learning.
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Upcoming part time job opportunities for College students
Upcoming part time job opportunities for College students

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