What My First Year Of The College Taught Me

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When I look back at my first year of the college, plenty of things pop up my mind that somehow taught me something or the other — the good and the bad both the sides of the pages.
Before I discuss my experiences of the first year, let me be very clear to each one of you.
Forget that you are in school student now. Act like a grown up. There are no rules or regulations in the college as used to have in the school, but it has to be in the way like you understand your responsibilities and take them efficiently that would groom you in a better version of yourself.

Involve yourself in extra activities

band disco
band disco

This post discusses the various aspects from a college student’s point of view as how to look your best and feel incredible every day you wake up in the morning

Education is the primary part, but college is not just books and exams. In addition to getting the benefit of the many learning opportunities, do not forget to take part in happening student life outside the classroom.
You get to learn a lot there. Being an all-rounder sounds fantastic. Isn’t it?
Take part in sports, cultural activities, host the events and fests, be the spotlight everyone would appreciate. That’s the most incredible part of the campus life I have personally experienced. And ain’t those participation certificates and winning rewards are worth taking part for? To keep it in the treasure box that would remind you of your during your college life.

Ask for help

So you are new to the campus, and you might not know everything about it. Do not hesitate to ask for help and approaching the seniors if needed. Seniors are always so sweet in helping their juniors because they know the feeling of fresher as once they were also a fresher. Want to know about college parties? The campus trips or about the placements? Go for it and hit it with your queries. And by chance you are not getting favorable answers, go directly to your teachers top seek the desirable answers.

Make friends with your roommates

Do you live on your campus hostel? Or taken a flat to live nearby the college? There are chances you have the roommates with you because hardly are the colleges offer a single room to the students.
Get to know your roomiest. Try to understand their culture and background by keeping good and healthy conversational spirits.

Learn to manage stress

Campus life is a hectic schedule. From looking for a perfect accommodation, commuting facilities to balancing the academics and social life altogether so that none of it falls apart.
Everything matters equally though!
Click here to know about how to deal with stress in college.

Come up with the best in you

Do you find interest in dancing or like singing?
Do the best in the campus functions. Do not miss a chance to be a part of any gatherings and parties. By meeting new people, you get to find your area of interest. The more you interact with new people, the more you will identify what is right, what is bad for you.

And this appeals for the best in a person as an overall personality.
Campus life teaches you a lot. This is the age group you are learning many new things, some to build up your talent wise,m some to shape up your career accurately.

choose your friends wisely

It happens many times that students get along with some people they think can bear with them all the 3 years but later or may be in the 2nd semester, they try cutting off with them and look for their preferences.
To avoid such things. Start with it at the very beginning of your college life(first year). Friends are there for social, moral support, to share all your joys, worries!
Take time and seek them slowly, it is not that hard but worth the time you spend in finding the right ones for you. The friendships you get here could last for a lifetime.

Check out here to read about how to find your crowd on the campus.

Handle the campus life as a book.
Deliberately and enthusiastically, create every page of it very carefully!
If you are about to enter or in the first year of the college, It is just the beginning for you. It is your time to create a good story of campus life. Create a good one.

Share us your stories and memories you had from the first year of the college if you have graduated or still in the college.

Let us share some of the experiences with each other.


what my first year of college taught me
what my first year of college taught me

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