How To Approach Your Crush

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If you like someone, it could take a lot of guts to go and talk to them. Right?
With a little bit of hesitation and nervousness, every individual faces a sense of hypersensitivity when they decide to approach their crush for the first time.
Have you ever got into a position where you were crushing hard on someone but were too shy to propose them? It’s even harder for girls because we have always seen that guys need to do the chasing. But then what happens if he doesn’t approach you; does that mean he’s not interested? Who is going to answer all this?
Let’s be realistic about this. We all have found ourselves trying to approach a person whom we saw somewhere (either a place or on the social media or even at the campus )but never had the smallest clue how to go about it.
Even a single thought of initiating a conversation feels like being nominated for the “ice-bucket challenge” on the internet.

Your heart begins to beat rapidly; palms start sweating.  NO, I am not trying to make you more scared. Of course, talking to your crush ( a stranger ) is a hard task but then letting yourself do it the right way, you can look forward to the first date!
To understand it in a better way detail let us look at the steps that a college student can take to approach the crush.

1 Breath in, breath out

The fear of rejection might cause you to deviate from your path. I suppose keeping the feeling of rejection aside; you should brush up yourselves to score good marks in approaching your crush.
Just like a dog can smell the fear, the other person can make out by looking at someone’s face whether he is confident or not.

So throw away all the nervousness away and look forward to a happening meeting.

2 Carry yourself perfectly

To all those who are nowhere close to the grooming factor. Let me be very clear to you guys your personality is the crown you wear with you. Grooming up yourself nicely gives a long lasting impression on the other person. The way you carry yourself and the way you speak to them and in which tone you begin with the conversation. All these things play a significant role in establishing your strong presence before them! Try it out. It works.

3 Find common things you can talk about

Is your crush your sibling’s friend, your neighbor or a classmate? Doesn’t matter! All that matters here the most is to keep on a steady grip on holding the conversation for a good duration of time. You might be interested in trekking, painting or any other hobby, share it out so that it will be more accessible for you two to go on the right track of the conversation. I hope that makes sense.

4 Make eye contact while speaking

The most important thing to do is making eye contact with them. Yes! It is equally essential as confessing your feelings before them.

5 Avoid overdoing it

Learning to distinguish yourself between flirting and being creepy is very important.
There is a delicate line between being flirty and creepy.

There is thin line between being flirty and creepy
There is thin line between being flirty and creepy

Being flirty is okay but dipping your comments or compliments in an extra cheesy layer may cause you to be a creepy one. Understand you have a crush on them and not an obsession. I hope that is all cleared in your head by now.

6 Be true about feelings

Honest people rank higher in the priority list of the people. And so is the case of your crush. You might not want to drop this opportunity at the very beginning of the conversation. Never pretend at any stage of the meeting to be someone who you are not. I hope you are getting what I am trying to emphasize here. The point is just yourself. That’s it. Has faking oneself to anybody done well to anybody in the universe? NO. Maybe they get a lot of appreciation at the initial stage, but then they tend to lose respect in the eyes of their beloved ones.

7 Take the initiation

If you are a girl and you find a guy cute and whenever you see him, you cannot take off your eyes off him. You are 100% attracted to him. Now don’t act like the old days when only boys used to initiate and propose a girl. Come on! You are living in the twenty-first century now. There is no harm if you make the first move and approach him to make a genuine confession. Men appreciate the girl who makes the first bold move.

Expecting a guy to contact you is so old fashioned. The worst that can happen is that he is not interested. And let us assume if that is the case, isn’t it better to know instantly than wasting all that time yearning to be with someone, right?

The next time you see your crush, pluck up the desired amount of courage to go over to them. Even if it’s to say “hi.”


How to approach your crush
How to approach your crush

Akanksha Bawa

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