Bad Habits To Avoid In College

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Bad habits are indeed not inbuilt in the student from the very first day. It actually is gradually developed within them along with the flow of lifestyle of the college. Also, there is a necessity to pay attention to is that adopting bad habits is entirely more comfortable than to choose the right practices. Isn’t it?
Let’s take it this way. So, for instance, you are doing good in your college life say socializing, hangouts, relationships, and studies and all other aspects of your lifestyle. But then certain things are holding you back to breathe you properly. No, I didn’t mean to inhale and exhale process precisely. But I intended to focus on the straight and elegant campus that might defect by a few of the bad habits that student gradually adopt while being in college. Without much ado, I will be throwing some of the bad habits that every college student must avoid no matter what!

1 Skipping Breakfasts

Screaming ‘Mommy’ every morning while getting ready for the breakfast is almost the story of most of our house. The whole cycle gets delayed when you wake up late. You get ready later than the usual time, sit for having breakfast much more afterward and then getting delayed for reaching the college. The whole point falls for the rescue for not missing the first lecture. Students often miss their breakfast to hit the class on time. Well, that shouldn’t be the case. Skipping breakfasts won’t do good to you from anywhere around the earth. That might cause low concentration power in the lectures and feeling low throughout the day!

2 Not Keeping In Touch With The Home

Being a hostler, we get so much busy with the roomies and going to the college with that sort of confidence that we forget about our home and the family! Please no! A big NO.
It is the worst thing one can ever do to themselves. DO not forget about your background wherever you reach. After all, they are also sitting in a hope to get a call from you on time. Never will this make you count in being a good college student.

Stay in touch.
Call them.
Send your pictures.
Share every moment with them making them feel okay that you are fine.
Video calling.
Keep in touch!

3 Finishing Assignments A Night Before The Submission

writing assignments
writing assignments

Now if we talk about the submissions of the assignments and projects on the due date is a big deal for us. Well, that has to be on the priority list. That being said, how effectively is taken forward is what makes a difference.

If you

4 Poor Sleeping Schedule

This might be a practice you don’t want to change, but having a regular sleep schedule can serve you right.

Lately, I’ve been attempting to get to sleep by 2 AM (which still isn’t that great) and wake up at around 9 am unless I have a morning class. Obviously, I’m not some magical goddess who follows this every single day. With lectures schedule and plans it can be hard to regulate these times, but as long as you don’t vary them an absurd amount, a somewhat natural sleep schedule will make you feel much more energized and less sleepy during the day.

5 Giving Up On Your Strengths

Are then there are days when you feel so low that all you want to do is give up on your nerves. Fretting too much concerning things that come your way and losing all your strengths won’t do any good. Doing this won’t find a solution to any of your problems anyhow. Whereas keeping up the spirits high with full self-esteem would give you the power to fight even the worst kind of situations.
What are your worst habits in college?
Tell us even if has turned out to be the worst of all.


Bad Habits To Avoid In College
Bad Habits To Avoid In College

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