Conversation Starters With Your Crush

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Are you having trouble to initiate the conversation with your crush?
Oops!  One second. Did you even succeed in getting their phone number or added them on Facebook/Instagram?

Yes? Bravo!!
NO? Do it now!!
This post is going to benefit you if you have some or the other means of mode to communicate with them.
Communication starting basics have always been the toughest of all for every person to approach their crush.

It is one of the nerve-wracking tasks that takes to wear too many thinking caps and then ending up with no solution! (Awww Sad)

No worries.
We are providing the list for chat starter tips, to begin with, your crush.

Favorite Cusine

It won’t be surprising to know that the majority of people like talking about food. I have met so many people who eat food, think food and dream food.

LOL, yes it is true indeed.
So, in this case, to be precise, questioning them about their favorite cuisine and foods is never a bad idea to begin the conversation.
Don’t you think so? What if they get so involved in your conversation and felt so exciting, inviting them on a lunch a pre-ordering their choice of food would be a knockout.

Do it.
You will thank me later!

Pets Or NOT?

animal dog
animal dog

“Do like cats or dogs or none?” might be a different way to begin the convo. Say if they really don’t like pets, you can stop talking about then and there only. And if they showed some interest, you got to speak to each other for at least another thirty minutes.

How cool is that!

Play With Your Sense Of Humor

Do you have the ability to crack the sharp punches on anybody’s statements? You got everything to make them your fan. The funda here is to provoke the laughter in the air and provide amusements in the chats. It adds the energy in the conversation making it more happening and lively and causing them to stay longer.

Favorite Movie/Actor

I know it is the old school question we used to ask when we study math tables. But the idea is to show them your interest in their likings and dislikes for that matter. They might get impressed by your behavior of approaching so extraordinarily.
You can score well in this match is you do it the right way.

Education Background

Discussing each other’s qualification and educational details is another determinant to know each other better and know where their area of interest lies in the real world’s perspective.

Share your school time memories and the fun you had with your classmates and teachers with each other to keep the charm of the conversation alive because you would never want it to go boring by any chance. This way their inner self comes out when they tell about their past experiences.

Be a good listener and speak when they end up with their story.
Basic etiquettes you see!

Desirable Hangout Places

Appreciating the kind of places, they have visited before and would like to explore more would give you the hint of the taste they have in terms of hanging out and visiting. Or they don’t want to travel at all.  Dig through it to get to identify each other’s taste. That would help you two in deciding whether to plan for the first date or not.

Ask whatever your heart craves to know about them maintaining the line of respect for their personal life and secrets which they don’t want to share at the first conversation.

Grab the golden opportunity to tell them about your feelings when you feel the time is right. Else wait for the time.

Don’t be in a hurry to speak it all at the very first conversation.
Patience is the key to get through it. Oh, you got it now I know!

What questions or topics you discuss with your crush in the very first conversation. Tell us in the comments below.
Let’s make it away for a healthy discussion with everyone.


Conversation Starters With Your Crush
Conversation Starters With Your Crush

Akanksha Bawa

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