Booze Books and BITS – The Boisterous Journey of my MBA


Booze Books and BITS – The Boisterous Journey of my MBA….
It really doesn’t start from where you’d expect it to! It starts actually from TINDER. I know it sounds weird but the idea to pen down this story comes from my urge to help a girl I met there, who just exists in my virtual world like most of the people I am fond of and haven’t met. This narrative doesn’t have any drama or tragedy. It is actually a typical life story of a screwed up, half depressed, middle class family guy, hailing from a metropolitan, acting cool, knows nothing but shit and acts like Einstein. Yeah that’s me!
My life last time I checked was really smooth. My parents were with me, I had a cute girlfriend and a promising career. But, life as usual took a U-turn. I lost all three in a matter of two years. (Eh, I am sorry I mentioned no drama and tragedy, but I cannot help it) This made me terrible, I sucked at life and had no friends. At this point of time I decided to do something unique as per Indian standards of an engineering graduate – MBA
BITS was never my first option, I wasn’t sure I will be going there. But as someone said, wherever destiny takes you. It was a sultry afternoon in the month of July, I entered this beautiful campus. It was ginormous by all means. The serenity of the place took over my soul instantly. I knew at that moment I had taken the best decision of my life, coming over here. However, it wasn’t too long before my bubble was shattered and life hit me hard, actually it was the books.
Long lectures, boring professors and students who were really serious about college. The first week was dreadful and the longest one I had ever experienced in my life. I realized I won’t survive this long and started to explore the college. I ended up at a place, you’re most likely to find me still every evening. “The BASKETBALL COURT”. This part of my life, the one right there is the most important to me. Basketball has been my savior throughout the journey! I decided to give the trials and get myself going. The routine was set EAT-STUDY-BALL-REPEAT
Studies were tough. The books were really big, black and white, had small fonts and looked like someone published them in the late 70’s. But then who cares, life was beautiful as BITS had a ‘no-attendance’ policy. Meant that it was supernormal and chill to bunk classes and waste precious moments of your life just roaming about the campus. If you’re convinced by now that I did that, you’re not paying attention. I never bunked a single lecture. I got into the groove and started enjoying.
Then came the next big turn, that gave me all the experiences of my life. BITS had many associations and MBA department had one as well. Our seniors started a mini-competition to decide who would take over the responsibility of running the show at BITS MBA. I wasn’t much excited. There was already much on my plate to eat. But as they, grass is always green on the other side. I signed up for this showdown, that was a month-long intense battle amongst all of us, to see who was best suited for this responsibility. In this process I made many friends who’re with me till date. But that wasn’t the only great outcome from this. I was now the PRESIDENT of the management association.
Life just changed altogether. In a way, I hadn’t imagined. I had to tackle a group of 80 students who looked at me with exigent eyes, questioning my position as if I wasn’t deserving of what I had got. I had realized I am in much deeper trouble than it seemed initially. I was undermined at almost every step I took. It was as if I had reached another planet and that, I was an ugly alien no one loved. But I kept steady and made some right decisions and disciplined efforts that got my life back on track. I got those small opportunities to showcase my mettle and I did use them to perfection. After 3 months of gruesome efforts I was finally locked in and felt that yes, I am the President of this batch.
But as you start to enjoy, life just says “hang on”. On this beautiful highway leading to a happy life, there was a pit-stop (six precisely). They were named “EXAMS”. Books, my long-lost friends were back. Long dull winter nights, dogs howling down the alley, shrill noise of the insects and me studying. This combination still gives me chills down my spine. Sleeping less than 10 hours in the exam week, trying to lift your sorry academic state out of misery is the toughest part.
They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This was true, mostly when it meant that we were screwed and had no other option but to regret at all the days we wasted. Wasted doing what? Ah! This brings me to the second part of this journey…..”BOOZE”.
We wasted most of our times eating biryani and drinking beer. Peer pressure drove me into the bars and over the walls almost every day, in the name of enjoyment. Saving our lives from breath tests and hostel wardens, drinking was a major activity in schedule. So much so, that we explored hidden passages and smaller walls easier to get in and out of college after permitted hours. I would be lying if I said I enjoyed it. Maybe, I was the most scared of all. But then slowly the fear dissolved away and the whole stuff just became more fun. The beauty of this was that we became an inspiration for all those who wanted to do something crazy and fun.
Beer and Biryani had become life. All Night Canteen was the best invention ever in BITS, the only so called “night-life” of Pilani. Where you could just enjoy life and have food. Not to take away the merit from OASIS – the annual cultural fest of BITS, which was more or less irrelevant if we take out the Fashion Show and DU girls off the list. Those four sleepless nights of crazy fun and enjoyment every year in the life of a BITSian is really important.
It was all hunky-dory when life gave another surprise – “RESULTS”. The worst part about exams is not actually writing them, but the result that follows. But this time it was a pleasant surprise. I was ranked amongst the toppers of the batch.
Then came the summer break and PUNE happened. Internship in PUNE with 5 crazy people from the batch. What followed was nothing more but football world-cup and more beer. This time with the corporates in expensive pubs and bars with better music and mature talks. Not to forget, no time limits to take care of and no walls to scale after getting drunk.
We spent days running and fighting against the odds. Slogging in the hard work, meeting deadlines, organizing events and fests, putting ourselves through classes, gaming each night (not to forget the PUBG fanatics), going without sleep for days. It was a marvelous experience.
Getting ready for placements was another challenge. Almost something we had forgotten about in all this. At last, I did get placed. Wouldn’t say as easily as I thought it would be. But the journey was amazing. Each person I met taught me a lesson, each friend I made gave me some memory to cheer about, each mistake I did trained me for future, each success made me confident to experiment with life. MBA taught me life. Don’t know whether I will experience anything like this ever again, but yes it will surely be a sweet memory to cherish and a reason to always return to my Alma Mater with a big smile! BITS Pilani, its magical!!

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