I was holding a hot mug of coffee in left hand and scrolling the Instagram up and down through another when a notification popped up at the top of my phone which was an email from BHU(Banaras Hindi University).

I tapped on it and was thrilled to see their call letter for the counseling session for the course- Masters in Computer Science. I was more than happy when I screamed “Mummyyy” and ran to her room informing about the same.

Tickets were booked. Me, my mom and my dad were all set to leave for Banaras. We reached Varanasi a day before the counseling had to take place.
Even after securing all India rank of 87 in the PET(Post graduation Entrance Test) exam of BHU, I could not make it. I really could not make it! Maybe again due to the tag ‘general’ attached with my name. Hard luck!

We explored Varanasi that day, and a few temples which my mother has a ‘must visit places’ in her fond lists.

We came back home the next day. The counseling for IPU was going on, and luckily I got admission in LBSIM for the course MCA.

The journey @ LBSIM began in August 2015 with so many thoughts knocking the door of my mind. How will be the crowd, the faculty, the campus, the seniors and what not!

The first year was very calm and smooth to go with.
We had fresher’s week, the fresher party and a cultural night with some stunning events and games that held in the first month of joining the college. Isn’t that cool? I found a pretty good number of people to chat with during the fresher’s week(which eventually became good friends later on) where we had separate theme based days like zombie day, Bollywood day.

With so much enthusiasm and passion for the talent that I carry with myself – DANCE, I bestowed up the best during those days. And guess what? Who has crowned Miss Fresher for the year 2015?
It’s me – Miss Akanksha Bawa.

That was enough to boost the confidence within a fresher to come up with the best in the upcoming campus years.

It wasn’t until when my Facebook friends started to ping me saying “Bhaaii kitne events and parties hoti hai tumhare college mei? “, did I realize that tons and tons of pictures were flooding the social media telling the world how much fun our batch was having.

NO, we didn’t only relish the fun part during campus life.
Like every other ordinary college student, we too had to forcefully watch the horror movie named “ASSIGNMENTS” and had to face the father of fear “EXAMS.”

Those countless numbers of coffee mugs were the reasons that kept me awake at 3 am.
We (the clan) all would have become the monsters studying late nights during the semester ends at someone’s place to clear all the subjects. And we did it!… yes!!
ab itne bhi bure Nahi h hum padhai mei…we passed with flying colors. Ji hannn!! Koi doubt tha?
(wink wink)

The days went happily with unusual ups and downs.
Bunking those boring lectures and sitting at the garden( and our pretty cafeteria), cracking those dumb jokes one could ever crack and still laughing was not that easy! Trust me! Still, it was as pleasant and better than attending those drab lectures.

Hey, wait! Am I going too long in sharing my college experience? Yes? Or maybe no.
But you know what!
What else can you expect from a proud last bencher who was always pinpointed by almost every second lecturer for keeping quiet?
Well, yes you are reading to the most talkative girl of her batch who struggled a lot to keep her mouth locked even for a continuous ten minutesโ€ฆ(waaah kya din the vo bhi)
It was hard. Damn hard!
The toughest for me to bear that one and a half hour lecture without saying a word.

Can you feel me?

Before you guys start yawing, let me quickly wind it up in short(you might be laughing – it’s not short, ab kya reh Gaya?).

Well, just a few minutes more!!

All those group studies, partying hard, crazy selfies and groupies( just to tease that one person targeting his signature pose), the hangover of the madness we use to carry with ourselves, the unexpected outings, those equal amount of contribution for the birthday celebrations, the sudden movie plans, dancing our heart out at the jam sessions is worth cherishing…

With a promise to keep in touch forever, we bid goodbye at the farewell with an emotional touch wishing everyone out there an abundance of best wishes and fortune for their future.
Some are still in contact; some might only will be shown as a Whats App contact in the list in another span of time…., some are love <3 and will be there till the end!

It’s not only about the academics, fun factor, and groomed up thing, LBSIM taught me the meaning of LIFE!
How to perceive different situations and deal with them…

This campus life was worth it!

As they say, don’t feel bad if you didn’t get what you looked for, be grateful for the time because it has a lot to offer you in a much more adventurous way – for me, life @ LBSIM happened in the best venturous way it could ever be.

Thank you BHU for not allowing me to be a part of the university because I had to create a different story of my life with a chapter – LBSIM in it.
Now I cannot even imagine where I would have been now if I was not in LBSIM.

It was great.
It was a beautiful and lifetime cherish-able journey for me.
It was indeed meant to be.

That’s how it went – LIFE @ LBSIM

Thank you for bearing me (like my professors used to) till the end!

Signing off!

Akanksha Bawa
Akanksha Bawa

Author Name: Akanksha

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  • I was a great time @LBSIM and the fun we had there ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • And it is just because of you guys, the journey was so beautiful worth cherishing forever!

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