18 Things To Do Once You Turn 18

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Many Many congratulations!
You have turned 18 and have entered the most awaited zone called adulthood.

Are you excited much to know what is legal and the other
exciting things you can step into after turning 18?
So you might still be a kid ( and will be forever for your parents) and behave immaturely, but you are an adult now in the eyes of the law.
When we hit the 18 years of our life, we have no idea exactly what we can, and we should do! And even if you are about to turn 18, you should know these eighteen exciting and legal things to do once you reach this milestone of 18.

Let’s go!

1 Skydiving

Sky diving
Sky diving

Once you turn 18, you can express yourself outstandingly and daringly which comes naturally within.
You can plan out for sky diving with some more daring friends with you. It is fun, exhilarating and stress relieving activity.

2 Register To Vote

You are now eligible to vote for your favorite minister. Apply for the voter id card by submitting proper documents and proof of your age, address, identity at the concerned office.
And there you go!
Being a responsible citizen of the nation, you have the right to select the ruling party who do you think can bring the desired changes and do the best for you and your country.
And mind you, you should never miss this opportunity to vote. It is the birthright for you as being born in the country. Do not waste your power by taking is for granted!

3 Open A Bank Account

Now, this sounds pretty interesting. For me, I still remember when I just turned 18. I straightly with my elder brother went to the bank and filled up the form for the bank account. He helped me in doing every step to open the bank account.
After all economic independence is also good to crack

4 Get Married

So many people still wonder when they will turn 18 just to get married!
Are you the person that falls in the same category? Oh if yes you are eligible for it.

But hey, as a piece of personal advice from my side – why to fall into the lifetime jail so soon? Isn’t it too early if you think wisely.  Make up your career first. It’s not mandatory to get married it is just that you are now eligible for it And the right to get married is of course when your mind is ready for it.

5 Travel Alone/ With Friends

Take the adventurous journey ahead with the true fellowship or try a solo tripping.
Well, you can always go for a trip before 18 also but as soon as you hit the eighteen line.

6 Learn A New Language

Now that you have cleared the high school with English and one other language as per the respective school regulations.
Why not get your hands on another language and start learning it like German or Spanish.
Who knows you get to get there for further studies or the job?

7 Go To Jail

LOL – Jail Of Adulthood
Welcome to adulthood!
Adulthood with all the happening and NO-boundation life brings with the responsibility with it. So it is equal from all the aspects if you look closely to it.
Never mind! You will rock it. We all did!

8 Come Out Of The Comfort Zone

How many times until now have you tried doing something you don’t like or know beforehand that you won’t be able to do it in any case?
Are you scratching your mind too hard to get the answer?
That is because you haven’t yet. Now is the time to push yourself towards the life that you want to create for yourself. Do it now and plant a bud which will bloom tomorrow. And my friend for your kind information, good things have never come out from the comfort of your life.

9 Get A Driving License

So finally you reached the stage where you can drive your favorite bikes and cars with full authorization. Apply for the driving license and learn to drive and get on the roads like a pro.
Many of you may be driving bikes and cars before hitting the 18, but you have to accept you were doing it illegally.
One thing I have learned in life whatever you do, do it with pride and with full authentication because you have no fear of getting caught up.

10 Get An Easy Entry To Watch Adult Movies At Cinema

You must have seen many cinemas as of or the id proof before the entry of the adult movies. Hurray! You got the license for that as well.
Another door of liveliness is opened for you all. Cheers!

11 Be A Proud Blood Donor

Adult Blood Business
Adult Blood Business

You are finally old enough to donate the blood and save the lives of who are struggling for it.
It is the best feeling ever. SO congrats for receiving the keys to unlock this fantastic opportunity

12 Be Aware Of The Law

Gone are the days when you used to be dependent upon your school teachers and family for every decision. Try involving less your family in all the small matters and start making decisions on your own. For that, you should be aware of the law. Right?
Google the law of your country and go through it so that tomorrow nobody can take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

13 Get Life Insurance

While most people do realize the importance of buying life insurance, many are unsure when to buy one. Hence, it is the right time to invest in one at a young age, maybe with the savings your first earnings. Choose the best plan according to you and apply for it.

14 Self Care

Do not forget yourself to familiarize with a proper self-care routine.Since your life now is not limited to the successful school and tuition’s.You are heading to a campus and work life in upcoming years. Your body and soul will go through a lot. It demands a proper self-care routine.
Make it on your own that you follow efficiently.

15 Change your Looks

Now that you are free from all the school rules and restrictions following a proper school formula. You are now free to keep any hairstyle of your choice, wear any fashionable shoes and dresses, Keep long nails and go for ‘N’ number of piercings.
Oh hey did I just forgot to mention about getting on tattoos!
A must try and do not forgot to show off on social media! Hahaha, a mandatory one!

16  Explore Nightlife

applause audience band
applause audience band

You will see the difference in your friend circle and would start involving in night outs and hanging out exploring the nightlife in a more appealing way ever. It is your time. You are all set to explore the clubs and pubs and check out those beauties in the discos.

Hit it!

17 Work More

Turning 18 does not only bring all the hassle free and free you from the dependencies but delivers a huge responsibility with it.

Work life.

Even if you are taking admissions in the college for a particular course, you need to pay attention to earn the pocket money side by side. Being adult means you don’t have to ask for money to parents anymore.

Read here how to balance college studies and part-time jobs simultaneously.

18 Decide Your Future

Last but not the least.
The 18th point is purely for the career point of view.
You are grown up now. Start thinking about the future and take the first step towards it. The journey-life is deep, and you guys have a long way to go. Plant it out and create it for yourself. Be the master of your own life.
Sometimes it is not always taking the credits for doing something. It is also about accepting the blame on you for which your hands were responsible in it.
Be the inspiration for others. Do something you will be proud of your future self. Enjoy every bit of it as this time won’t come back!
And hold on you are still a teenager. So you can say you have access to both childhood and adulthood. WOW, you are on a safer side for now. Within a span of two more years, you will lose the teenage tag too.

How are you feeling turning 18?

Any of the things you thought have been missed above share it in the comments below.


18 Things To Do Once You Turn 18
18 Things To Do Once You Turn 18

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