What’s In My Bag – College Girl’s Essentials

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I don’t know about you guys, but for me it so charismatic to know what is there in their bag. And that’s probably not the case to interfere in their personal belongings but to improve myself what else can I add to my list and what can I eliminate.
Having said that, let me show you what I carry in my bag while going to college every day and every college girl must have


Perfect glares that suit my oval face by giving a subtly sexy look.
Do you have one in your bag?

Eyeliner, Kajal, Lipstick

I don’t like to apply anything on my face except a moisturizer but to highlight my eyes and lips. So an eyeliner kajal and a lipstick are enough for me as a makeup kit to carry along with.

Water Bottle

Many students avoid keeping the bottle when they move out of the house thinking they will get it wherever they go.
But this is not the case.
You might get the water but how to rely on them if it is safe drinking water or not(especially visiting the new places).

So keeping a water bottle in my bag has always saved me from exposing to water born diseases.

A Pen And A Notepad

notebook and  pen
notebook and pen

Keeping a pen makes you look intelligent.
Just kidding!!
Okay so jokes apart. Pen and a notepad help you to take down the notes in the college. Although it is not necessary, still you can jot down the points (for the sake of the memory) whichever discussed during the classes. So in my case, I like making a note of anything on the campus I feel like to implement in my life. What could be the better idea than this to reinvent yourself?

Some Fresh Fruits

To kill that sudden hunger in between the meals, we often look for the roadside or sit at the cafes with friends.
Think for a minute! How much money are you going to spend on it almost every day? Plus you are doing nothing useful to the health as well!
Why not keep fruit or two in your bag and have them when your stomach urges for!


Actually, it should be on the top of the list. But who cares we are not listing items according to the priority. A cute little pouch or a wallet for every girl is a must-have essential for girls. It is with us to keep all our card in one place safely.


What's In My Bag - College Girl's Essentials
What’s In My Bag – College Girl’s Essentials

Akanksha Bawa

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