Why You Should Attend The College Fests

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With this monotonous life cycle of the college students, the annual college fests are the reason for a certain level of the fluctuation of the excitement level among the students.
It gives a break to them from continuing with the same college schedule and enable them to push themselves.

Fun Is Where Your Crowd Is!

crowd at a music concert
crowd at a music concert

Apart from the fact that you perceive to attend the various events according to your field of interest, including concerts, Debates, and whatnot, the best part if you get to accompany them with your friends. What’s better than to have the bunch of your closest friends to add crazy touch to the fests?

Because You Need The Break From The Books!

Having suffered a lot from attending the long and continuous lectures every day?
Fest and events come to rescue.
Participating, volunteering and leading the events is something that every student must look forward to involving during the college fests time. This boosts up the self-esteem in an individual. Moreover inhibits the desire to look for more opportunities apart from studies and pushes them to explore more.

Do you agree with me?

Spruce Up The resume

So, I have participated in 3-4 events during my college days.
Two of them were dependent on my ideas. I took the lead and managed everything.
Putting all the skills and activities in my Resume under extracurricular activities, I have seen it gives a sense of breaking a cube of ice during an interview.
Really that happens!

You get something to boast about yourself that yes you have done something extra apart from writing assignments and giving the exams.

Sounds cool?

Get To Know More People

Are you college fests around the corner?

It is that phase of the year when you get to know, to meet different other people from various other colleges.
It is always fun to be a social animal because you never know which person out of nowhere can become your soul sister/soul brother/soulmate.
No, but it is practical if you think this way.

Groove Away!

audience band bright
audience band bright

Move your body with your batchmates and break the dance floor at the jam session. These are the unmatchable days you will going to cherish forever.
So if you think carefully, it is the best chance to approach your crush also. The more crowdy the place is, the more is the opportunity for you to get to know them and get closer to them (maybe you two get a mutual friend in the crowd who can be a middleware of the two, yeah think positive bro!)

Chance To Travel

let’s say your friend from another college out of the town has invited to come and join them in their campus fests.
You got the chance to travel! How fun is it to avail super fun factors travel, entertainments and what not.

Win Win Win

Participating in all those fantastic events gives you the chance to win unbelievable hampers and prizes which is enough to boost the confidence within to take part the next time or in the different colleges.

Show Up Your Talent

Are you good at singing, Instrumental, dancing, or painting?
This is the time my friends to come up with the best in you and showcase the secret talent out to which thousands of people are watching… how great is that.

The stage is all yours! Smash it up.

Not To Forget About The Food Hubs

Every college has their own favorite usual ‘hangout’ place. Traveling from Delhi to Mumbai for several festivals, what I still personally get excited about is the gigantic vada pav and sandwich stalls which are not there much in Delhi (maybe you will find but not with that zest of taste) and several other street foods Mumbai has to offer.

Actualize Your Likings/Dislikings

And then when a faculty in charge ask you to volunteer for a sports event or a fashion show, then you get to wear a decision-maker hat.
You need to figure out which are the areas you can handle and look after and which are the sectors you are nevertheless disinterested in!
It is called exploration. The more you explore, the more you learn.
What are your thoughts about the perks of attending the college fests?

Share your favorite memories related to the campus fests and events.
Or any prize you have won?
We appreciate our readers more than anything.
Start commenting down below now.let’s see how your fests timer treats you.


Why You Should Attend The College Fests
Why You Should Attend The College Fests

Akanksha Bawa

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