How Life Of A Teacher’s Pet Is Like

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Looking at the title must have popped up a character of the movie three idiots – CHATUR in your mind.

So if you have seen the movie- 3 idiots, there was a character Chatur. He was a perfect example of a teacher’s pet in college.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it, and you will get the better idea of who is known as a teacher pet.

But hey wait now that you are here first to read it till the end because it has a lot to offer you and will make you familiar with how is a teacher’s pet life really like in the college.

Let’s take a suitable example before you guys.

Have you seen anybody in your class who keeps on approaching the professors in almost every lecture and speak to them in the most flattery way that you haven’t seen them doing before anybody?

They are the ones chasing their professors for getting good grades for their buttering behavior. [ That’s what they think].

Anyways! There is no denying that we all have one or two classmates who act as a teacher’s pet.

Let’s look at how their life is like all university life.

“Hey, You guys carry on. I have something to ask to Prof. ___.”

Meanwhile, between the lectures,  when we all chillin’ at the canteen, that one so-called dearest of the teacher takes full advantage to reach out to them in their office room to ask for some unnecessary doubts and show the impudent nature that they have completed all the gives tasks on time and remind them of the submission dates.[which we all hate].

This is done to make a special place in her eyes so that they will be called every time the teacher needs any help.

Buttering  & Flattering

They are the ones whos the only motto of the life is to keep buttering the professors for whatever they are doing. Be it teaching, setting up the exams papers, how they look, etc.

I mean like ‘Are you kidding me?’.

How one can be so cheesy to handle. For whatsoever reason, they have to keep on building up the cheesy layer on their tongue before speaking to the professors.

AAH! God please save us!

Marks? NO Worries

Being the fondest pet of a teacher, how does it really matter to worry about the marks after all?

Does it even bother them for that matter? NAAH! Not at all.

They are so cool with this. They get the good score in the internals which can save them from drowning in the totals of semester ends result.

What else they want?

Such a lifesaver treat. Indeed it is.

I wish I could also be like one! [Deep inside: my inner self won’t allow me to be]

More Marks, Fewer Friends

In that case, they always have very less number of friends with more number of scores!

Don’t we hate these kinds of pupils? Of course, we do.

And then at times, we do feel pity for them for having eligible friends because they didn’t pay attention to making friends but to buttering the teachers.

Also, it might be the reason for their side that they don’t like to be friend with other people. And if you ask me, who want to be the teacher’s pet?

They Deal With An Extra Workload

Let’s say; it’s not easy to be at their place, because teachers expect a lot more from them. Any extra work that teachers need to get done, they are the ones who will pick them up at first place without hesitation. Be it the totaling the attendance or typing a letter or asking to deliver a message to another teacher or classroom or distribution the exams sheets or an announcement to be made.

I am sorry I didn’t ask you. Are you one of the same kind?

What merits have you faced while being a teacher’s pet?

Let us discuss it down below.
And if you are reminded of that one person from your batch reading this whole post, how different were their life from the aforementioned things?



How Life Of A Teacher's Pet Is Like
How Life Of A Teacher’s Pet Is Like

Akanksha Bawa

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