Skills To Learn Before You Graduate From College

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Are you about to graduate from University very soon?

I am pretty sure you must have learned a lot (a lot means a bucket full of experiences and values) and have shared a bunch of yours with your college mates as well.

It feels sad to get to the realization that you are almost at the end point of completing your graduation! (because it was like yesterday you took admission).

And that’s how the time flies!!
Since life is all about learning and sharing the experiences and in this post, I am doing the same with you all.

If you are one of a kind who is too ambitious towards life, you need to master these things before you graduate from college.

Have a look at them down below!

1 Time Management Skills

Time management is immensely harder than it sounds. If you’ve worked a part-time job while being in college full-time, probabilities are you’re already on the easy in managing your time judiciously.

On the other hand, if you’re not used to having to monitor your calendar strictly, you might want to consider working on that before you leave college.
Life after college is not easy. I am sorry, I don’t want to sound too scary to you guys, but it is the fact! I have gone through it and sharing the same with you.

Learn to get independent and self-sufficient at this stage of life.

2 Writing Professionals Emails

computer desk electronics
computer desk electronics

I know that writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But one needs to have the basic sense of composing the E-mail. You should know how to greet and begin the letter and end it professionally. It is going to benefit you in higher studies and add glory to professionalism.

3 Public Speaking Skills

During all these years you have given so many classroom presentations. It was about like the last week when I was asked to provide the review on one of my subjects before 100 people.

I can’t describe to you how my heart pounded when I stepped up the stage holding a mic on my hand to begin my presentation.
And then coming back to home what I realized was it is so damn mandatory for every college student to learn the public speaking skills to excel in the professional world as life has a lot to show you in the upcoming days.

[Pro tip: Make it a priority]

4 Laundry

If you are the hostler of living on your own in a PG or a flat nearby the campus, you are familiar with the importance of washing and ironing of clothes by yourself.
It gives the sense of massive responsibility on your arms as you don’t see your mum and the family around to do the things for you.

Even if you haven’t done it before, doesn’t matter.

Start doing it today!

Better late than never.

5 Cooking


The pancakes, the Italian, the smoothies or the chilled shakes!!
Cooking is so much fun in my peronal opinion.
I enjoyed a lot of cooking and baking during my college days with my roommates.
So, for instance, what if you got placed outside your hometown or may be out of the country?

And you could not fiond or afford the cook there?
Self-cooking experience is doing too kind to your life.

These few things knowing how to cook will help you to struggle alone.

  • Soup
  • Noodles
  • Smoothies/Shakes
  • Rice/Chapatis

[Pro tip: Buy an induction. You’re welcome!]

6 Cover letter/Resume

Graduating college means getting a job (hopefully). Whether you’re applying to the respective internship or any other cafe in the street, you will require to have the cover letter handy both hard as well as a soft copy for that matter.

Here are my tips on completing your resume while in college! Do not make a mistake of forgetting to include your part-time jobs, the semester end projects, campus volunteers roles, those participation roles in cultural activities and whatever medals and prizes you have won till date.

Everything counts as an experience in the real world!

[(Pro tip: Canva has some pretty resume design templates! Try them out]

7 Paying Bills

Getting independent is a matter of pride in its own way.

You won’t believe how over-joyed I was when I paid for my mobile recharges and bought myself the clothes and shoes when I received my first salary.

While you prepare yourself to cook, do ironing of clothes and get enough confidence to speak in front of others, paying bills equally demand your attention when you graduate the college.

This was all for the skills that a graduating student must have.

How did you like the post? Share your views in the comments below.



 Skills To Learn Before You Graduate From College
Skills To Learn Before You Graduate From College

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