Best Tinder Profile Tips To Make Them Swipe Right

Tinder Tips

In the era of finding the soulmate digitally, we all are well aware of the most popular mobile dating application – Tinder.

Tinder offers the best platform for the girls and guys to look out for their perfect match by filtering appropriate age group, gender, distance, and interests.

If we look back at the time when hardly there were any mobile phones at the people’s home, could we ever imagine that this kind of inventions would be there?

Being a 90’s kid, I have come over a lot and seen so many diversifications from time to time. Be it in the field of digitalization, transportation, living style, etc.

Talking about dating and finding a partner is now on your fingertips and it just takes a swipe to begin a conversation with them.

Tinder is, I would say, an acclaimed app that you will find in every other’s students mobile phone.

The youth of today’s generation has become more practical not only in choosing the right profession but also in finding a suitable partner.

Is a dashing or a sexy profile picture the only thing that matters to get a match on Tinder?

No, not at all.

The bio has to be there so that at least you have something to initiate the conversation and talk for a while till the time you get into the comfortable shoes.

How does the Tinder-Bio matter?

The tinder bio speaks a lot about you.

It gives a sure shot of idea to them what kind of a person you are and what are your desires. Maybe certain things that might lead you the wrong way through swiping right but then who doesn’t get to know the person while talking.

If we talk about males, the ones who write genuine and interesting bios get more matches than the rest.

That is why it has become so essential for you to step up in this game so that he/she could not resist them from swiping right!

Take this as an opportunity to write a compelling bio under 500 characters which are way more than describing your nationality, the food you eat or the pets you own.

How to create an exciting Bio?

adult beautiful beauty
adult beautiful beauty

Like other social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook, online dating apps like tinder demands the same with an attractive profile picture and a super awesome bio.

Write everything about your likes and tastes, your passion your hobbies, and your dislikes.

All that matters is how beautifully you present yourself in your Tinder profile.

What does your Tinder Bio say?

Your bio speaks on your behalf until you get a match.

Agree with it?

How do they come to know about you, your likes and dislikes and anything under the sun before swiping right?

It is the bio that plays its role the best way.

It is always advisable to put your best foot forward in writing the best and accurate bio about yourself.

What to PUT in Tinder Bio?

  • Write an eye -catchy first statement
  • Put up your solo pics. (which should be attractive too, maybe those beach pictures or nights parties pics will do too much)
  • List 2 or 3 nice things out in the bio that justify your personality and giving it a nice finishing touch for sure will be a cherry on a cake.
  • Portraying yourself as a creative person is not a bad idea though!
  • Make it simple and easy to read.

(don’t forget it’s just a bio and not an essay writing competition)

  • Anything that is funny, anything that is witty that can make her/him laugh. (oh I could see you just got a match!!)

Want to read an example?

Here is the one.

“looking for someone to crash a wedding with, share some chit-chat over a glass of beer or a glass of wine together!”

Got some idea?

Here is another one.

“Hey, do have the guts to super like?”

That’s too hilarious but then isn’t it like you are challenging them to super like you?

Well yes if you observe it carefully, it has that pushing factor to get a match.

Try it!

Tinder Bio
Tinder Bio

The image shown above is the screenshot of one of my matches in the tinder account, which forced me to swipe right. Howzit?

What NOT to put in Tinder bio?

  • Not having a bio at all
  • A group photo (It’s not your Fb cover picture, and why leave them in confusion to guess who among the picture are you?)
  • Copying lines off the internet( the worst thing to do, don’t you think they have read it all on the google already before coming to tinder?)
  • Using short forms in the bio (That’s too weird, don’t do that! How many bucks could you save by saving those few seconds to type the full word?)
  • Excessive use of emojis
  • Usage of hashtags (hashtags are for social media like Instagram, it has no use over here)
  • A long list of random adjectives (chill, adventure, explorer, traveler, art, music, hangout, love, food, 3-4 will do!)
  • Putting up your phone numbers (Don’t seem desperate here )
  • For the love of god! Stop portraying low-value traits.!

Like Stop using ‘i love drinking,’ I love smoking, I love It is something everybody does it. It is pretty much evident in our age groups, there is nothing exceptional about it, to be honest.

  • Pretending to be what you are not.
  • Writing ‘swipe right to know more.’

(Why on the earth would anyone care to know more about you? Are you kidding me?)

Hope you have got a fair idea of how to perfectly showcase the Tinder bio to get more hits.

How did you like the post, please share your views in the comments down below. We love hearing from you!



Best Tinder Profile Tips To Make Them Swipe Right
Best Tinder Profile Tips To Make Them Swipe Right

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