Building Blocks Of A Healthy Relationship

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When you get your mind on the urge to think about dating in the college, what comes to your mind first?

A chill at the canteen? Night club outings, movie dates, or a calm place to have a candle-light dinner!

In my opinion, College is perhaps the best place to find your life partner. You can find plenty of different cultures of people around you and who are a bunch of eligible bachelors and ready to mingle.

You get to know and explore more people of your type and look forward to how it then goes. Also, many people you will find are not here for any commitments and are just here to chill for the time being, and they seek ‘you know what I mean’!

You need to figure out your thing and proceed in the same direction.

I am now coming straight to the point on discussing the aspects as of how to navigate the dating in the college.


You know well, traveling, taking long lectures and completing the assignments and a lot more can be nerve-wracking for every student. Apart from the ‘chillin’ with our girlfriends and boyfriends, we all need some ‘ME’ time to wind down and pamper ourselves.

Here comes ‘give space to each other’ in the picture to let them relax a lil bit.

Look it doesn’t demand much of you but a small amount of time between two of you.

Be Honest

So let’s suppose, you lied about even for the minutest of things to your partner, and they get to know about it from somebody else or any mutual friend. How bad they will feel. Can you understand the pain beforehand?


Then never step on to the road of lying with each other no matter what.

Honesty is the fuel for the car of your relationship that would drive you two decidedly long and on a healthy path!


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You won’t believe how many times I have had disputes with my boyfriend just because of the lack of communication. The conversation I would say can increment or degrade the quality of the relationship.

Sometimes the odd conversational ways, it might cause the miscommunication too.

So beware of what you are telling them, what you want from them and what they are expecting. Everything should be clear in between you two at first place from a communication point of view.

Respect Each Other’s Schedule

College life is busy. It’s not that easy.

Understand that both of you can have different schedules(since you are not tied to a single rope! where they will go you will follow them).

Your partner can have long hectic days. They might get pissed off in some of their busy schedules. Don’t eat out their brains for not spending time together.

It’s okay! You are not the only thing happening in their lives.

You need to understand that. The relationship is always beautiful if a proper give and take of respect is committed to each other’s time and work schedule — that’ how you guys get the best of tuning and understanding with each other.

Never Talk About Their Ex

Oh please! Did you just already have made that mistake?

Mind it! Not to repeat it in the future. It is like a fatal mistake and can destroy your present relation by bringing their past and continuously comparing things between their Ex and you.

That won’t do any kind to you. Like we say – living in the present is the key to happiness. So why subtract the jar of the joy of your relationships by talking about the past!

Make your present better, and your future will automatically be the best.


Okay. A bit tedious task but equally important.

Prioritizing things will help you battle the stress and breathing out much comfortably.

Often do we find ourselves stuck up amongst so many things that we are unable to make a proper plan who and what should come first.

Here comes the ‘priority chart.’

It helps you brilliantly to cope up with life and efficiently manage everything without any hustle.

I know relationships are an essential part of campus life but should not rank the first at the cost of college grades.

So keep your priorities straight. Completing the homework and everything else you can plan an outing with your boo!

In the end, this is the time that can lead you somewhere great in life. Nothing should come in within you and your goals.

It is as simple as that. They would also understand it.

Makes sense?

Visit the college Trips/ Friends grouped Together

Adding an exciting flavor to the relationship to keep it going on, it is quite an appealing opportunity to seek and go on campus trips together.

Have you just started imagining you and your partner together in a beautiful scene hanging alone on the seaside holding the hands?

AAAH!! That’s what is running in my mind right now while writing this how much fun frolic those days were when we had the college trips and were free from any family restrictions.

Such a marvelous time!

Know Your Boundaries

And then everything should have certain boundaries irrespective of what they would feel.

See it is better to keep it open beforehand between two of you as what should is the limit and what doesn’t have to be there in your relationship. It would be a hit for you guys and save you from an awkward situation.

Do Not Doubt

If we keep on doubting them on the silliest of things, they get irritated. Try to understand human behavior and treat them the way you wish to be treated by them.

A relationship is as pure as a fresh bud in a plant. If you pluck it, it won’t grow further.

Build the walls of trust with each other, and you won’t regret a single day choosing them as your better half.

Hope you got the main point I wish to stress here.

Compliment Often

Well, that goes without saying that we like getting our bae’s attention a lot for every work we do, for every dress we wear, and for every new stuff we start.

Like an addicting aroma of perfume, we like the addition of their compliments on our life.

Being attached to them is what matters their opinions in our lives.

Do compliment them when you cannot take off your eyes from them (ghossh how beautiful you look!).

Compliment them on their new hairstyle.

Compliment them when they perform well in the semester’s results,

Do let them know when they are the reason behind your smile.

Do Not Ignore

The worst feeling ever.

Ask me, how bad does it feel to be ignored by your boyfriend/girlfriend.

So many irrelevant thoughts drag through my mind.

Is he done with me?

Am I not any more attractive to him?

Has he found anyone else?

Like I said Communication is crucial.

If you are too busy to pick up their call, It’s alright.

Leave a text at the very moment and avoid letting these stupid thoughts cross their mind.

You will save yourself from drowning in a huge possible problematic ocean.

It is the small – small things that matter for each one of us in the commitments.

Do not drop a chance to show and bestow your love for them.

This was it for the basic tips for a healthy relationship.

Do share your views down below what you think about this post and what else you want to add to it.

Your views are most welcome!



Building Blocks Of A Healthy Relationship
Building Blocks Of A Healthy Relationship

Akanksha Bawa

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