Signs You Are Falling In Love

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Love is a beautiful yet complicated thing.

Even if you might not want to welcome it in your life, but it appears suddenly.

Love is a state where you give up everything for them because you have to win them.

Above all, it is pretty hard to make out if you are in love or not.

Even harder to justify your feelings.

Love is the name of the trust, care, a real bond that two people shares between each other.

Love is affection. It has a lot more than to do apart from the looks and the physical appearance.

You accept them for the way they are.

Their habits, their looks and what not.

It is a whole lot of package in them that you agree to have in your life.

Are you looking for the signs that decide you are in love or not?

Here is the long list of the symptoms that you are falling for him/her. Have a look.

1 You are generous to them

You will notice that you are more kind to them than you are to other people.

It is one compelling sign that you like them. You love each and everything associated with them.

Be it their hobby, their fav food, fav song, their dressing sense, the way they talk, walk, and everything else that they are made up of!

Oh, come on!! You are in love, my bouyy!!

Feel it.

2 Your Heart starts beating faster when they are around

They can make you nervous anytime.

Be it just before picking up their call or meeting them, you become nervous, and your heart beats faster than before.

Maybe it is the value you give to them, or the feeling of hurting them for no reason can cause nervousness and anxiety in you.

Does that same happen to you?

Dude! It is love.

3 A single glance makes your day

Just a second full of their appearance can make your day as blissful as possible. It is needless to say that they have made a special place in your heart by the time you find yourself too happy to see them in front of you.

I remember how happy I used to become when I saw my boyfriend [he wasn’t my boyfriend at that time] from quite a 100 meters of distance entering the college with those sharp, sexy glares.

4 You want to tell them about everything

From the minutest of things to the silliest of things, You want to share it with them. Isn’t it cute when you wait for them to read the text that you have been longing to share it with them?

That is probably because your heart is now somewhere connected to them and want that whatever is happening in your life, you should tell them.

Well, that is the first step to the way to ‘being in love.’

Have you stepped up?

5 You miss them when they aren’t around

Have you felt their absence so much so that your mood is as low as anything? And you can’t stop thinking about them and hope they miss you too. It feels sad when you haven’t heard or seen them for a while. You landed up adoring their profile picture and checking their older posts on social media because of all that is in your hands meanwhile.

6 You relate to them when you hear some song

girl wearing headphones
girl wearing headphones

And then suddenly those songs you always have skipped before because you never like it have started to make meaning in your life because you can relate it with them and hear in a loop to listen to the lyrics and imagining them.

Woah!! It is miraculous.[ la la lala laa laa]

7 They are the first and the last thing on your mind every day

Is checking your phone is the very first thing you do in the morning

to see if a text from them him/her is there?

They have stuck up ion your mind like a magnet.

Bro, you have started falling for them. No kidding!

8 You re-read old conversations

Missing them make you re-read the past conversations.

For that matter, it is the loveliest way to go through what all you have discussed and chatted before, and those emojis and GIFs that were shared between the two of you is somehow the sweetest of thing you find. Doing all of it brings up a BIG smile on your face making it brighter and red. [blush blush]

9 You catch yourself in a jealousy cage

Seeing them with somebody on their Instagram or snap story kills half of the excitement. But hey do confirm it by yourself before taking a step behind.

Preassumption is not a wise action.

10 Your conversations are on a never-ending note

communication contact conversation
communication contact conversation

When you two start to speak to each other on a call or messaging, the talks keep on going and going. You can’t find a single reason to make a pause or end it a while. This is just because you are having that flow in the conversation and have everything that takes to keep right and healthy communication.

11 You won’t admit any of the above

You are afraid to accept all the points mentioned above.

Am I right? This has always been the case with almost everyone I have met.

Because you are scared if they like you or not. What if it is only one-sided?

If you have reached here, that one person was there in your mind upto this point.

Ahaaan! (wink wink)

Do I need to say any more?

Ask yourself, bro!

Love is a beautiful feeling that binds the two souls together. It is even more amazing to realize how much do you support and care for them.

Now that you are convinced by this post and clear everything in your mind, what are your waiting for?

Tell them about your feelings. It is doing nothing until it is inside your heart.

They should know how special they are for you.

Also, remember that falling in love is super easy but staying in love is not. Be a real human and show your true face to the person you love by keeping a real bond for the lifetime.

Stay interested and activity in the relationships!



Signs You Are Falling In Love
Signs You Are Falling In Love

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