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Until graduation, I never have participated in any of the events whether it is related to management, technical or cultural.

But since 2k16 August. I entered in LBSIM. I found one thing that to make your mind creative, you must have to get associated with the different events that are happening in the college.
When I joined in the roleplay, I remember the date 26 Jan 2k17 Participating in the roleplay on the occasion of republic day where I performed in front of the children from snehalya (NGO). In that role play, I played the character of a beggar and the theme of our role play was “bomb attack aur Gareeb.”

After performing this, I found positive energy and creativity in my mind. I realized that we have to balance our studies and we have to participate in different events also.

After this, I joined IT CLUB (Synergy) of my college. The primary motive of the IT club is to ensure that different workshops and seminars. I conducted the IT Quiz in February 2k18 where more than 35 teams from various colleges had participated.

And after completion of all this, I was elected as the Joint Coordinator of IT Club Batch 2k16-2k19.
( at that point of time This was a significant Achievement for me).

All I want to say that to make balance in your student life, one must participate in the different events. These events give you exposure and also let you know how your mind is creative.

I got the first position in the competition (TECH RECK) which was organized by the LBSIM MCA (IT Club).
Getting a certificate and prize money for this achievement is a great matter of pride for me and that to accepting by the hands of
Mr. Anil Shastri Ji (Son of Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji)

The conclusion of my campus life :
Studies + Active Participation (management and technical) = Creativity.

Author Name: Gandharv Madan

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  • Keep up your spirit as always. Though we all know that you are a good orator and u can actually blow your mind with your skills.
    Still be the same and remember don’t bitch for anyone 😂

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