Story Of An Introvert At College


Have you always been asked by the people why you are so quiet or why don’t you like to come out to the parties and attend the seminars and events much? Do they still ask you today?
Do you dislike participating in games like ‘Antakshari‘ or ‘Dumb charades‘?
Well, you are under the zone of introverts! You adore your own company.
Introverts are the ones who focus primarily on internal feelings because they relish being alone. It is not that they are shy, but they get their energy from taking time of their own, unlike extroverts who get their fuel by talking to other people.
Introverts do not demand any center of attraction in any case. They like sitting quietly and looking around things.
They tune in their inner voice and tune out the noise of the world.
Whereas the Extroverts are somewhat chill about everything, they perceive with the open, friendly sort of nature who like getting things moving and speaking their heart out frankly.
Introverts and extroverts are often perceived in terms of two extreme opposites. I am personally an extrovert kind of personality who loves socializing and making friends and doing parties and stuff.
But then I have had met few introverts in my college who were exactly opposite of me in every aspect.
One of my friends Nikhil stated, “being an introvert was a bit difficult for me to open the conversations with the strangers even if I felt like doing..”

It has a clear picture depicting the facts that lie beneath the story of the introverts. Nikhil said that getting into the campus was a different experience for him as he struggled a lot to even come up with a ‘hi’ to somebody he likes in the university.
His clear statements made me understand their personality trait more closely.

“It was always hard for me to start the conversation thinking that the other person would judge me or might not be interested in listening to me.”
“They might not laugh at my jokes if I crack one,” Nikhil added.
Hearing him has somehow given me a clear clutch of knowing how the life of an introvert is like.
Often perceived as the weird and cold ones but if you get to know them, they are neither of the two.
They carry a particular fear or what do I say, that timidity flows in their blood on almost everything.
Like, of course, we all are new to the college someday and hardly do we know each other right?
Can you feel how terrifying it could be for the introverts to be adjusting themselves in not so comfortable shoes?

Making Friends

They are not the friendless loners who are often termed as asocials. Of course, they do have friends but not more than two or three.

It is just that they have different social needs and preferences for that matter of fact. They believe in making a limited edition of friendships. It is very much okay for them to stay alone and to regain energy levels if they were in a party or some crowded place among hundreds of people. It is very normal with them.

They dislike being in a large party and get frustrated when they are forced to have one. They find themselves uncomfortable in situations where they don’t have to say anything or have no views at all. They are chill if they are not going to anywhere on a Saturday night. They are satisfied as long as they have their Netflix working fine.

Approaching The Crush

It is even worse to be an introvert when you are crushing on someone. If it takes 100 piles together in making friends, imagine for a while how difficult is it for them to approach their crush.

Attractions and infatuations don’t only come to the extroverts. How are introverts going to deal with it?

When I asked Nikhil about the same, his opinions would land you somewhere near ‘that’s different?’

So he used to admire and spend time in gazing his crush for quite a long time. It went the same until he found common friends who helped him in proffering a decent introduction with his crush. Unlike us (the extroverts ), introverts have a tough time approaching their crush.

Dealing With Class Presentations

student giving presentation
student giving presentation

And then comes the biggest fear of presenting themselves in the class presentations with the full power to show themselves in front of 60 people. That too is challenging for them to come out of their comfort zone. I asked Nikhil about the same; his response was clear, “A rush of anxiety rush through my blood whenever I was asked to present something on the spot. Instead, it is not that much of problem for me when I come prepared.”

Nikhil was one such guy in his batch who hated those class discussions in which every other student has to present their views and opinions on a topic. And he used to run away with some excuse. He said it was literally not my cup of tea. Still, I feel introverts are gems! They know what they say and are clear about their life goals, because they speak less, analyze more.

What do you think?

Get Enough Of ‘Me-Time’

And and and, they would die just on the other page if they don’t get enough of their solo time to spend in a day. Like I said before, it is like fuel for them to be alone for some time.

Nikhil preferred spending his ‘Me-time‘ at the library, where he could find few book worms continuously staring at the large books, a librarian and a serenity of calmness around every corner. That used to give him a sense of boosting up his self-esteem. Not everybody likes partying late nights with a total of six bottles of vodka. Different people have different priorities. And it is those differences that make us more practical about taking the life ahead.
Being an introvert is indeed a blessing. There is nothing to curse about this quality like often people do and make fun of just because they are different and not like them.

It is okay not to have thousands of friends on Facebook and plenty of followers on Instagram.
It is fine if you don’t like going out more often with families and friends and like being at your comfort zone in a pretty small room.

Introverts are gifted with something that you won’t find in the extroverts! They have a more extensive focus and concentration power and a good grasp over remembering things for a longer period.
Introverts are very good at observation. They observe human behavior and like watching people and not that quick in discussing their thoughts and opinions that quickly as we do.

They seize every information so critically that they believe in finding the deeper or the hidden meaning under the events.
In fact, they will never brag about their achievements and accomplishments. You will notice they know much more than they admit. Being analytical and practical, they don’t trust easily. Their professors and mentors have always rewarded them because they are a quiet, calm and good listener in the classrooms.
You should not feel like you need to change yourself..
Be proud that you are one!
Are you an introvert? Or ever were? How is college life treating you?
How has it been for you being an introvert?
What problems or perks you had during campus being an introvert?
Share it with us in the comments below.



Story Of An Introvert At College
Story Of An Introvert At College

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