Ways To Write A Professional Email

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Whether you want to mail your assignments to the professors, sending a cover letter for an internship or applying for a job, it all has to b in a well-written and an organized format. That calls for a need to create a professional email.
Often I gave faced particular difficulties in writing some emails when I had to apply for the internships. I wasn’t that pro in writing emails as I am today. I learned some basic tips and tricks which I will be sharing it with your guys so that you make it a habit from today itself.

Here it is –

1 Send Emails from a professional email address

If you already own some email like coolguy@gmail.com or cutiepie_18@gmail.com, you need to create a simple new one because it doesn’t sound professional at all. It is a clear cut way to, first of all, have a professional email address with which you are going to send the Emails.

Fair enough?

2 Make sure the subject line is Searchable

What does anybody notices when they get an inbox?

Before clicking on it to check what is in it, they check the subject. Let’s say if I have to send an email to one of my friends, and he might want to recheck it a month later again then he can type the subject line in the email search bar to access it easily from the crazy inbox. And the only reason he can find the mail by writing the subject is that he could have remembered that subject which I wrote (that’s why search worthy subjects play an essential role)

3 Professional Greetings

“Hi John Smith, Hope you are doing good. I am glad to connect with you over Linked-in.”

It is an example of a sweet and soft warmup line to greet in the mails that give it a professional touch. It is always expected to greet the receiver of the letter before coming directly to the point and one of the etiquettes of writing an email.

4 Keep It Short

Who are you?
Why are you writing?
What is your question or concern?
You need to answer these questions, and that’s it.
The more concise and to the point you will talk about in the email, the more professional the email will look.

5 Add a Signature

computer desk email
computer desk email

Adding a suitable signature like your designation and name that you wish to appear automatically at the end of every Email or revert you create, is another a great symbol for Email to look professionally authenticated.

6  Strong Closing Statement

“Thank you so much to take out some time to read my note. I appreciate your feedback, and I’m excited to  hear back from you.”
A simple yet strong closing note that would urge them to reply and do the needful.
That being said, also add ‘Your Sincerely’ or ‘Yours Faithfully’ at the end before your signature.
Anything that you would like to add onto this or any questions popping up your head on this post?
Let’s have it in the comments down below.



Ways To Write A Professional Email
Ways To Write A Professional Email

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