Places In India Every College Student Must Visit


Studying in college means you are at the end of the teenage or just crossed it. You no longer are a kid and not yet considered as an adult. Sounds exciting right? That’s why they say, and you must have heard from the alumni of your campus and the seniors that this is the best time of you guys to travel, explore that would shape you as a person. Back in the day, when you used to go for school early 7 in the morning you were not allowed to do much of things alone or with friends and if few of them were allowed they were all filled up with the box full of restrictions.

Being in the college, you have not much of restrictions to cope up with nor a boss to cancel your leave request yet.

Traveling is a fascinating experience. And a student is the one who requires the vacations every semester to relax down and loosen up to throw away all the exam worries or maybe a much needed holiday to forget the ex.

To get prepared for the next semester to start with a big refreshing face!
Check out some of the fantastic destinations in India down below to visit during the college days.

A Bike Trip To Ladakh

Adventure Ladakh
Adventure Ladakh

Ladakh is not a place that you visit too often, and if you visit once, there is no other place like this you would like to visit again. Do you want to create your life story on your own?  It is the right time and a beautiful place to explore as much as you can before you get caught up in the 9 to 6.

Take a bunch of good friends with you and plan it at least for a five days trips to get a good zest of Ladakh.

Camping And Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting at Rishikesh
River Rafting at Rishikesh

A trip somewhere between July to September makes it the best visit to Rishikesh

Rishikesh is an attractive holiday spot that attracts the adventures seekers across the globe. It settles in the foothills of Himalaya and resided in the state Uttarakhand. Also, people visit here to capture the beautiful scenic mountain views and some religious touch apart from adventurous activities like river rafting, camping guided by nature walks.


 Goa life
Goa life

This place does not need any introduction to tell anybody why Goa is best for college guys and girls.

Tattoos, alcohol and wait ‘girls.’

You name it, and everything is readily available here — a perfect hangout spot with your buddies to make it a lifetime memory.

Rent a vehicle and hit the roads. If you are really fond of street shopping, visit Anjuna flea market.

The serene beaches, the architectural marvels, the cute culture, the exquisite cuisine, and the dynamic nightlife. Goa is also one of the hottest destinations if you are looking for some adventure sports opportunities. Do not miss the beach view at Baga Beach, Vagator Beach to capture those stunning selfies and groupies in a cute pair of shorts. Go for it!

Follow Your Heart and Visit Manali

Manali adventure boots climb
Manali adventure boots climb

Your girlfriend, boyfriend or a group of friends can be a perfect company to visit Manali and bring back an abundance of memories along with you.

Don’t miss out to see the Himalayan National Park and the activity of rappelling/paragliding.

Jaipur – The Pink City

If you are one of those, who prefer cultural trips with a traditional and historic place to see, Jaipur is a place for you.

From Jaipuri justice to customary cultures handicrafts you will find every pinch of traditional touch.

Another famous place not to forget paying a decent visit is chauki Dhani which I found was the best place there.

It is a resort cum village depicting old schools unique attractions of Jaipur tradition from the dance, the camel, horse ridings, the magic shows with the magicians on the go.

Mumbai – The City Of Dreams

Take yourself to the fastest and the busiest state of India – Mumbai.

Once you get to graduate from college, you will realize life is not accessible outside the college. Visit here, give yourself a trailer view and an idea as of what it is to have a face paced life which you will be experience coming to the corporate world.

Walking down the lanes of Mumbai late nights is pretty standard unlike Delhi, and it is far safer for women when we compare it with our capital city. Nightlife is another experience you should go and bring it with you. Visit via a local train. I know it is uncomfortable, but it will be worth the experience.

Skiing In Aulli


Aulli is in Uttranchal and the best skiing place in India for the adventures lovers.

Auli is also among the top skiing destinations in India. For skiing, you must plan the trip during the cozy months between November to February. Aulli offer exhilarating opportunities to both beginners and expert skiers

Why not take out some days off the holidays from college and try out this fun adventurous activity counting on the snow.

Travel for fun,

to learn,

to explore,

to entertain,

to improve the knowledge,

to make new friends or maybe meet new people.

Travel to expand the thinking power of the brain.

Travel to ensure the peace of mind, to broaden the horizons,

to boosts up the confidence and of course a bag full of memory worth cherishing forever.

So don’t just plan and forget to go, make it happen because this is probably the carefree days with no workload. You can make the best of your college days to add another lovely chapter of your life story with these beautiful destinations in it.



Places In India Every College Student Must Visit
Places In India Every College Student Must Visit

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