Effective Exercises For Weight Loss


Are you craving to wear that hot red dress again but alas you no more fit into that dress anymore!

Still wanting to see yourself in the old jeans and skirts that are hanging in your wardrobe looking sadly to you ina hope that you will wear them one day.

Take off your headphones or stop doing whatever you are doing for a while because it is now high time for you to pay attention to your fitness routine and feel pity for the old dresses.

So without much ado, let’s dive into the best and most effective exercises and activities that would help you get rid of those extra inches in no time.

Surya Namaskar

A set of 12 yoga poses, Suryanamaskar focus on all the body parts giving it full stretch and making the body more flexible and ready to lose the fat from the body. It is adviced that you should do Suryanamaskar early in the morning as it is a way for the salutation to the Sun.

It also assists in reducing stress and anxiety.




Squats are for strengthening the lower body part by giving the thighs and butt proper shape. If you do 20 reps of 3 sets, you can achieve your weight goals very quickly.

If you get used to it, then start working on ‘jumping squats’ and ‘weight squats


Want to those killing abs?

Crunches are a must to get rid of the fatty layerS around stomach formulated by those pizzas and burgers and every cheesy pasta you had!


Skipping or running can have a significant impact on the body by burning more than ten calories a minute while strengthening your legs, arms, butt simultaneously.

Take a skipping rope and get your best foot forward in losing every calorie with every skip you take.


Initially begin it with 60 seconds of holding your body in a plank position. Always set a timer on your cell phone whenever you do the plank. And day by day start increasing the time limit of plank pushing your abs to come out in the sexiest way possible!

Because doing plank is not that easy, but it is worth it.


Yes, swimming too reduces those extra inches of fat from body giving it a proper shape making it healthier, fitter and stronger.

Swimming is that activity that engages all of your major muscle groups, from back muscles to your arms, legs, hips giving them a nice. So go ahead, get a dive in the pool; lose weight and feel great!

Zoo-Zoo With Zumba

Zoo-Zoo With Zumba

Zoo-Zoo With Zumba

Building up the desires amount of stamina, Zumba withstands the power to reduce weight by grooving dance steps. It is a practical yet entertaining way of reducing weight by dancing your shoes off.

It is too much fun. I have enrolled in Zumba classes, and trust me you don’t need anything if you are focusing and following every step very carefully with full dedication. Zumba alone is enough!

“One can burn 300-700 calories in one session, and because of calorie deficit one can lose fat.” Said Aarushi – The Zumba Instructor.


Believe it or not, Bhanga has been a proven way to lose the body fat because you get to move every curve of the body part while doing the bhangra! Get on the dance floor and be happy about yourself. You are finally able to lose weight with not-so-boring machines but with full entertainment mode on!

‘Chak de fatte!’

For a matter of fact, we must include green and fresh leafy vegetable ina diet accompanied by fruits that keep a check on our internal well being. Being fit from outside is one thing, and getting fitter from inside is another, and they should go hand in hand.

There is no denying that we are often pulled toward the fast food very quickly, but it is our duty that we should make it a routine to when and when not to have them in letting you live a fitter and disease-free life!

Do tell us your way of losing weight which has proved the best for you! Let us hear it from you.



Effective Exercises For Weight Loss
Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

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