How To Build Self Esteem


“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.”

Maxwell Maltz

We have observed ourselves to be on sagging mode many times. What do you think are the reasons for us to be doubtful, depressed or may be feeling too low to look for anything positive around?

How has it to do with our lifestyle we seek to be in?

Now that’s what the main picture dives in. Our self-confidence is the whole concept of this game.

Just like the game of chess is over when the queen is dead, there is no worth in living a life full of liveliness and spiritedness when you lose self-worth.

That being said, self-esteem in other term is the building blocks of your life you want to create for yourself to be in the position you have always dreamt of being!

It might surprise you on the other note that how much is the self-worthy person can achieve in their life.

It is all up to you to take it forward, and for that, you always require enough self-esteem to drive yourself in the right direction.

What Is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem can be defined as how we much value do we give to ourselves and the idea of perceiving ourselves.

Building up of the level of self-confidence is as essential as having an internet connection these days.

No matter what, do not let the self-worth get down making you feel miserable.

Have a firm belief that being self-confident is leading you to earn a bag full of happiness.

Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses might help you a lot in winning at a confidence level.

So when I asked out a couple of my friends about what is self-esteem to them, this is what they answered  –

“Confidence in self-abilities.” 


“My freedom along with my ideologies.”


“Self Worth! How much do you value yourself”


“My right to choose and make decisions for me.” 


Causes Of Low Self Esteem?

A rough and tough day can be too gloomy to handle.

Going deep, these are certain factors that are hidden beneath the thin layer of crouched confidence level.

  • Outside Negativity

There can be few negative people or a person whos views, and behavior pattern affects your lifestyle in every aspect.

  • Past Negative Results

Your past failures have left you feeling dismal with all those sad thoughts flooding in mind.

  • Inner Critic

And not to forget the inner critic inside yourself that pushes us to question yourself with a big DOUBT on achieving something or anything for that matter.

  • Fear of Getting Judged

Coming out with your genuine personality is on a __ for many as they tend to think people will judge them.

That’s was the answer I got when I asked my other friends regarding the same. This thought in their mind forces them to hold back themselves to come up with full boldness.

What Happens When You Have Low Esteem?

person watching sea
person watching sea

Then comes the side effects of having low self-esteem.

Well, first of all, let’s be very straightforward in stating the facts that appear when one loosens up the self-confidence.

  • It affects your work/college/personal life.
  • It makes a wall between you and your goals.
  • Will, it too changes you as a person? (Think about it!)
  • And finding yourself very rare in social gatherings.
  • Or maybe an inability to accept the compliments.
  • Might affect your mental strength and inhibit the stress in you.

How Do You Fix Low Esteem?

Are you still with me?


And thanks for staying this long. Let’s discuss how we can boost our self-love and worth.

  • Imagining yourself in a place or a situation where you wish to be.

You are thinking about why this?


It is a direct medium for you to get there and whatever it takes to reach your goals you would do at the cost of anything if a strong determination flows down your blood.

  • Then recognizing the negative thoughts

Find out what you think bad about yourself and what you think people judge about you.

You may even write them down on a sheet.

Take a deep breath and coiling up that sheet and throw away all the views and fatalistic ideas you wrote on the paper as far as you can.

It can make you feel damn good about yourself in the real time that you have decided to skip out those discouraging thoughts forever and fire them from your life.

This might sound too childish, but this is very practical. Are you getting there?

Try it once! You will thank me later.

  • List down your Good things

Put up the sticky notes on your desk or the walls of your room listing down good things you like about yourself and all that people say about you. All the compliments you got till date, can be of your physical appearance or nature or the way you talk the walk or anything.

Looking at them daily would make you realize you are way too good in being the way you are and you want nobody to compare yourself with, and you are your competition because who else can fit in the shoes of your size?

And everything that was prompting you to droop shortly will be destroyed.

Do you have some different opinions to share with us to boost up the self-confidence?

Let’s welcome you in the comments below.



How To Build Self Esteem
How To Build Self Esteem

Akanksha Bawa

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