How To Practice A Healthy Bedtime Routine

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Building up a sleep time routine may be a standout among the most exhausting things you consider for yourself. It may likewise be the one new thing you add to your life this year that gives you a lifetime of advantages.

So for the college students, it is never that easy to take out so much time to get involve in such things.

But hey listen, did you just thought ‘Seriously!! who the hell cares to follow a bedtime routine?’

Then you need to change this mentality because your investment in your body mind and soul is the best investment that is going to pay you huge interest in future. These little things are worth trying in your life and then see the changes in your personality and lifestyle it offers  you.

Here are the ways to practice a healthy night routine to which you will for sure ponder for good.

1. Avoid consuming alcohol before going to bed

Drinking alcohol can disrupt the sleep or delay it for a more extended period. Try to stop drinking any alcoholic beverages at least 3 hours before your regular bedtime routine. The hangover would not allow you to sleep

2. Make your bed before you sleep

Make your room peaceful and contributory to rest by keeping it quiet, and dark. Earplugs are helpful if you live in a noisy area. Outside light can keep you awake, so try room-darkening shades. Your mattress and pillow also make a big difference. Ideally, beds should be replaced every five to seven years, and cushions should be renewed annually. A mattress should feel comfortable, and if you sleep with a partner, make sure it’s big enough, so you both have plenty of space.

3. Do not forget to drink plenty of water

Now, this is what plays a vital role in getting a blissful sleep. Forget about drinking water for continuously 8 hours in the day time. Sounds strange right? That is how we cannot actually and look for water to destroy the thirst. Similarly, before going to bed, we should drink at least two big glasses of water as we won’t be having it for the next 7-8 hours busy sleeping. Also drinking two glasses of water should be the very first thing waking up the following day.

4. Take a Shower

Take out some self-time and formulate a relaxing bath. Warming up the body and offering it an opportunity to cool helps provoke proper sleep cycles. Also, it enables you to feel refreshed by jumping into bed, hence cause a healthier sleep without causing unnecessary sleep problems. It gives a sense of peace and relaxation to mind, body, and soul.

5. Turn off the electronics

Relax your brain, by powering off all the gadgets and electronics. Using it for the whole day long, be it the computer, tablets, mobile phones, televisions can hinder the normal rest cycle with their transmitting blue light. Disconnect from all of these when heading to sleep, or if nothing else have an assigned time to turn off the TV and then go for a proper rest.

6. Make a note of your dinner time

Many of you must never have settled up a dinner time due to the busy schedules of work and professional life. There is a strong need to understand the fact that our body needs time to digest what you have swallowed up. Either one should go for a walk after having dinner or sleep at least 3 hours after consuming food. Doing this would ease the process of digestion; otherwise, it would cause the stomachache and other health-related problems which surely nobody wants to welcome.

7. Set a bedtime alarm

The reason for setting up a bedtime alarm is to not to get late for your sleep, of course excepting the days when you reach home late at night. Having a specific time for every single day would never cause in any sleep distortions. Setting up the alarm 30 minutes before the sleep is a signal of start incorporating all the things mentioned above for getting a healthier and stronger sleep.

Building such kind of delightful before bed routine will enable you to rest better and more. Consequently, you can eliminate the dangers of sleep issues or the probabilities of having in the future. Also staying consistent in your sleep makes your body and quality of sleep better. Begin today and let us know whether these means have helped you start to rest better.



How To Practice A Healthy Bedtime Routine
How To Practice A Healthy Bedtime Routine

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