Money Saving Tips For Students

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Now that I have got your attention with this broad catchy heading let me ask you one thing that does it sound exciting enough?


And difficult for you to achieve it. LOL.

If you are reading this post, you probably are looking for the ways and tricks to follow in our lifestyle to save a good number of pennies in college right?

1 Make A Budget

Making a budget according to your pocket money should be the very first step, to be honest. Yes. SO during my college days let me tell you my story how it went. What I used to do was, I always maintain a short diary for my expenses and all.  At the first of every month, I used to write how much I have got from my work and my mom(in total) as pocket money. And then whole month below it made a column for the budget as of I am going to spend 70% of it and rest will secure its place at a savings space.

It gives a clear picture as of how much you have and how much you can spend irrespective of whatever happens in the world!

2 Keep Track Of Your Spending

Now that the budget is fully set, there is a sure shot scope you won’t deviate from it if, I stress again ‘IF’ you are as honest to yourself as I am.

I mean you won’t spend a lot once you have fixed a limit for yourself. Did I say anything wrong here?

Keeping a track as in how much of money is spent til which date.

3 Don’t Overpay For Transport

Most colleges have nowadays metro linked directly to it in the 1 kilometer of distance. Moreover, many universities offer their college buses to try using that instead of traveling by cars and cabs. You are still a student, and I would say it is a learning stage, you can travel by public transport which even sounds economically good.

4 Save Money On Textbooks

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Buying old and second-hand textbooks is always a nice idea to go with for those six months semester. Don’t you think so? I mean like why do we have to pay for the first-hand book so much which we again have to come to that shop to sell it when we are done with the semester.

There is always a pretty rule I used to follow. Go to the books store with the old editions of the semester. Sell them out! The money you get use that to buy other handbooks for a new semester!

5 Share An Apartment

And then if you are the one who is not living in the home town and have moved out of it for the graduation, you probably have been looking for a rented room. And for that matter, if you look for a group of 4-5 friends together for a 3 BHK flat won’t it be easier for you to pay the rent which will be divided amongst all?

6 Differentiate Between ‘Needs’ and ‘Wants’

So we as students often keep ourselves at on the edge of every state that “shall I buy this T-shirt?, or shall I purchase the new headphones for the phone.” Keeping these thoughts popping your mind now and then you must first learn to figure out what is a need and what do you want. For that ‘need’ shall be given n the more preference than the ‘want.’ Something that you already have but your eyes get owling at something that appeals your heart as well and if you check you already has that thing  that is a ‘want’ but something that you are short of or that you don’t have, and that is keeping you stay back to do something that is a need’

7 Cook Meals At Home

Stop those extra spending on fast food and those expensive high budgetary cafes every other day. It is okay to dodo it once in a while.

Cooking at home is a worthwhile experience. You not only cook, you learn an art! And of course, saving so much money while learning this art is icing on the cake!

8 Shop Where You Get Students Discounts

Make use of the student’s discounts wherever applicable.

And such things are never advertised so better be aware of the stores and shops that offer such discounts and do not be afraid to ask them if you are walking by.

9 Make Use Of College Gym

Staying fit is always a part of every student’s regime.

College fees that you pay may have the activities and gym included in it. So why not make wise use of that facility when you already are a campus student? Plus it would save those extra pennies from being used which you will pay for the gym membership. Sounds good?

10 Avoid making Sudden Purchases That Might Tempt You

All of us have some or the other soft corner for specific things like whenever a new model of a smartphone gets launched, we immediately google it the pricing and all. That is okay to check for general knowledge. HAHA.

But going deep, there stands a thin layer between the things that tempt you to lose your pocket and the needs that actually would worth making a purchase. You need to figure that out.

And apart from these decent money saving tips and tricks I would like to give you guys a free yet another valuable advice: Saving is okay but not at the cost of something you are dying for if your budget allows go for it.

Stay alert while traveling to places with your wallet because people are so smart AF you do not know they find the right opportunity to pick pockets and steal the phones.

So that is also your duty to be vigilant every time you are out of the house.

Hope these tips will surely help you to save a lot of money during your college days

DO let us know your experience about how these tips worked for you in the comments down below.

And and and do not forget to ask any queries in your mind ASAP!

Because as we say ‘Now or never.’



Money Saving Tips For Students
Money Saving Tips For Students

Akanksha Bawa

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