Perks Of Living In Hostel

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Hey there!

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Well, I am writing this post to discuss some of the fantastic perks of living in the hostel.

Hey! Are you already living in a hostel? Or are you planning to start the hostel life or dreaming of getting the ‘hostel wala college.’?

In all these cases, I have super exciting things to tell you.

Are you ready to see what I have to go for you today?


Phew!! Here we go.


Although every phase in life is a learning experience in itself, hostel life is somewhat has something unique in itself.

If you are a hosteler or probably moving to a hostel for your graduation or post graduation, I am pretty sure you are going to gain a bucket full of experience.

  • Adjustments

Oh my!

The best thing you would ever learn in life that always remains with you toward the end of time is ‘adjustment.’ True that my boy!

Bring it on the happy days ahead.

Adjustments from the single sharing washroom with your roommates, fiddling with each other’s things even though you might not like, but you have to. This is called a true survival my friend. Making adjustments and compromising is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you are living a hostel life, it is your win!

  • Money Management Skills

Saving money is always remain the most prominent factor for hostelers.  And you would agree with me on this that it is the toughest of all to save money and spend according to needs while living in the hostel.

  • Discipline

With the proper schedule to be followed in the hostel, one gets quite punctual in his routine.

Are you thinking about how?

As you know the timings for the mess- the hostel canteen is always fixed like the breakfast, the lunch and the dinner is served between a particular time frame, and no other option is there. Now what? This specific time routine automatically pushes you and compels you to be more mature and discipline and enhances the self-command capabilities. This is why we call good things never come out of the comfort zone.


adult black and white
adult black and white

No more scoldings and restrictions from family anymore ‘yippee’.

Living far away from home and family a bit difficult for all of us at starting but then when you realize all the powers and sense of independence is there in the hostel living, you would automatically begin to embracing and loving the fact that  you are in the hostel. Trust it happens, and you will see by yourself slowly and gradually


Like we all know friendship is invaluable and not easy to find. While living in a hostel, friends that you may see can be turned out to be the lifetime friends ahead. Obviously, it is quite tight at the early stage to find your type of crowd, but with a little bit of effort and struggling and speaking to people, you will get your kind of people to get open up with.


In the hostel, you are exploring new things and coherently get involved in more unique ideas and guess what? What if you got such a brilliant chance of the first job and event management.


Hostel usually organizes sports camps, trips for adventurous activities, cultural activities, and a lot more for you to participate in it. Doesn’t that sound a cherry on the cake for you as a bonus? Being in college, who don’t like such events and activities that boost up the moral and self-esteem of a student. We all do!

So guys go ahead and do not miss out such blessings to have in a hostel.

Cheers to hostel life!



Perks Of Living In Hostel
Perks Of Living In Hostel

Akanksha Bawa

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