Have You Chosen The Right Boyfriend?

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Choosing your guy is a time taking and pretty tough task.

And it takes a lot of efforts to choose the right one for you.

Are you among those girls, who have a long queue of boys after them? Haha! Why not. It is a story of every college girl.

So was it been difficult for you to cope with so many of proposals at once or one by one or like that? I know well how it is to be a girl when a guy cannot just stop themselves to express their feelings for somebody they find attractive, And  I would say there isn’t any harm in it? Does it?

In fact, we girls like so many proposals and that special attention.

And then you happen to choose the right guy for you that you think is right for you might not be the proper case.

Hold on! I will explain it. That is why you are in this place to know have you chosen the right guy for you?

Let’s look at the characteristics a boy should have to be the right choice for you!

1.  He Must Respects You

It is now only about you; the guy must be respectful to every girl/lady. This is the characteristics of a decent and straightforward guy. The guy must have the manners to talk, to reply, to value, and of course to make you feel good.

And ladies wait! Respect has not only limited to rational thinking, behaving but it also is very much.

2.  He Must Be Understanding

The guy you chose must be capable of coming up with your reasoning, the nature of yours that must suit you both. Understanding doesn’t only mean the talks, discussions, arguments but it is a lot more than that about yourself without speaking the one should get to know that you are about to say and what is running on your mind! That is the type of bind you should look after. Because at the end if everything goes well, he is going to be your life partner. Go easy on everything.

3.  He Shows Concern For You

Is he concerned enough for you? Is he the one who doesn’t want you to be left out anywhere for any reason under the sun?

He is the perfect guy for you. Trust me. He is!

4. He Is Matured Enough To Handle Things

Your boyfriend must be about all around he should not be feeble-minded enough to let you down in any phase. He should also be the one to handle everything as a balance even in good times and bad times too. That’s when partners come close to each other and know each other perfectly with blind faith and step forward to cross the way by holding each additional hand.

5.  He Must Be Trustworthy

When it comes to a life partner, the trust factor always happens on the priority of the list when we talk about the relationship. The partner must be trustworthy of sharing your talks, views and spending your time with. He should be the one who comes and tells you everything irrespective of the good or bad. The trust start from there itself. Faith we say is the backbone of any relationship.

So, girls, I hope you must have figured it out by now whether or not he is a perfect fit for you or not.

Let us know any queries from your side and what do you think about these advices.

Let me take a deep breath in announcing that from now we are accepting the guest’s posts like the students or even alumni can share their campus life experience with us, and we will share it with the world. You can share anything like relationships, campus stories, friendships, about your academics, about grades, cultural activities, a day that bagged you an award-winning a prize, The best day of your college, that particular day you proposed to your crush or anything that comes to your mind that justifies how a campus life is like!

How it was for you and what you learned and gained being a college student and what would you like to share your heart out for the upcoming students who are stepping to the college life.

It’s fun. It’s good to share it out! People always learn from other’s experience.

So start posting your stories by clicking here.

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Have You Chosen The Right Boyfriend?

Akanksha Bawa

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