Things To Consider When Choosing A College

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Hey! Are you about to move into the college in another few weeks or months?

There must be a list of things you might have noted down that you are looking for in your dream college. Or maybe not!

See there are different aspects of categorizing the things you wish to see from person to person. But then a few pieces are there every student aspires to be a part of an institute that has some or all the traits that I am going to discuss in a while. Nevertheless, it has to do a lot in deciding the best for your future. After all, we as students have a lot more in our dream college list than we used to have in high school. Will it have the same type of people as I used to have in my high school?

Will I be able to get along with my roommate?

So let us throw away all the worries and not-so-worthy thoughts from the mind and jump on to the right ones right here –


So if you are moving out of the town to study, this would be probably the first factor that comes to your mind. Oh yes! Where would you live there? DO they have hostel facilities? Do they provide rooms or have PG’s(Paying guests) nearby. Nowadays many housing tie-ups with the institutes and campuses to provide an adequate living for the students who are not from the city. You can look for that or keep in mind and even ask the respective college for the queries as mentioned above before making the right decision. Because in the end, the final decision is in your hands.


Now, before anybody starts to plan his/her college, they always think about the crowd-the type of people they will be facing. Obviously, we are not going to look at this as a marriage point of view like the culture and the background but still some of the things that every student’s mind goes through like –

What are the pieces of knowledge and takes of the students studying already there?

What are the learnings the final year of the college students is taking with them for their future?

Why do the freshers have to be excited to take admissions to that college?

All these questions must be answered before you put your first foot forward in selecting your college.


The bottom line is what placements percentage does the college offer? How is the job support by the concerned community that handles the internships and jobs for the final year students? I think all the fun and entertainment like stuff is at their place as ‘placements’ would always occupy the first place on every college student’s mind. What do you think?

For that, having good contacts through social media who are already studying in that college or have been graduated could help you a lot in knowing the reality of the placements and job support in the past few years and the reasons being there for that matter.

Extra-Curricular | Party Life

audience band
audience band

For every college student if we think deeply study is not the only motive behind coming to college. So gone are the days (school days) when you are only there for studying and scoring good grades. Campus life has a lot to show you up, and it has a lot to teach you like how the experience is taken and how to deal with every particular situation in the best way possible. It is all about grooming up yourself and making up ready for the significant challenges you are going to face in your upcoming days, i.e., work life! SO go ahead and ask away or do the research like what is the party life and how does the fests and events things goes up tit the college. What is the extracurricular exposure you can get there to groom your personality? Is that what you were looking for? The go for it and tell me who in the world can stop you!


Well, I know I know that goes without saying that your pocket should allow the fee budget of the college you are planning to get into. NO matter what, fees have to be in your budget even when you get to match your lists in that college. You can’t do anything when you can’t pay for the college fee. Always look for affordable colleges that do not have to dig a big hole in your pocket.

Graduation Rates

Graduation day is what you’ll be working towards so it’s equally essential to check out the graduation rates of the colleges you are considering. A low graduation rate, suggests that students may not have enjoyed the college or found that it didn’t give the required academic assistance. Therefore you should be suspicious of any colleges with a high dropout rate and look for the ones that have good graduation rates.

Past Results

The subject in which you are going to do your graduation/post-graduation should have a good score history. Well, that is not what you should look for, but that should be there as an option to search for because it always boosts up the confidence in you that you are going to study in that college which has so good past excellent records of your major! That makes it a trustworthy college.


adult backpack
adult backpack

I won’t say it has to rank the first in the priority list, but it also plays quite an important role in selecting the college. If you are moving out of the city to complete the college studies, it is okay because you will be looking for nearby flats/PG or the college hostel. What if you are already staying in the same city? Can you travel enough about like 30 kilometers every day! Look for your comfort of flying. One of my friends from college was never able to make it on time for lectures or hardly came to college. He always lacked in the attendance which was at least 75% to sit in the externals.

So do not opt for the college that seems to have a burden on your shoulders because you have to enjoy your campus life for the next four years and not take it like torture! Isn’t it?

Someway or the other you will be able to make a good matchup with your requirements in a college and the college you decide to be a part of for next few years of life which will be a remarkable journey of your life. There is no denying that we all want to be a part of an excellent, reputable college that is not just about the 3 or four years of the life but the lifetime memories we create with professors, friends, campus, time spent at the cafeteria secretly looking at your crush. Oh come one, now don’t give that wary look!

Since you are stepping to college life, you might not want to miss out the hot tips for the first day at the college right here!

Share us with your experience below in the comments about the ways that ensure a decision maker formula for you to get into a college.

Let me take a deep breath in announcing that from now we are accepting the guest’s posts like the students or even alumni can share their campus life experience with us, and we will share it with the world. You can share anything like relationships, campus stories, friendships, about your academics, about grades, cultural activities, a day that bagged you an award-winning a prize, The best day of your college, that particular day you proposed to your crush or anything that comes to your mind that justifies how a campus life is like!

How it was for you and what you learned and gained being a college student and what would you like to share your heart out for the upcoming students who are stepping to the college life.

It’s fun. It’s good to share it out! People always learn from other’s experience.

So start posting your stories by clicking here.

We will feature you and your story with the world in the special column we have ‘Student Edition.’


Things To Consider When Choosing A College
Things To Consider When Choosing A College

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