Outfits For Boys For Freshers Party

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1 White Shirt

The white shirt is the essential pieces of clothing for men. Not only does it makes a brilliant impression at the parties but it is an evergreen outfit which you can opt to wear at formal meetings as well.

Coming up to pairing up of the white shirts :

  • White shirt with Navy blue trouser
man in white shirt
man in white shirt
  • White shirt with Grey trouser
Street Fashion & Details
Street Fashion & Details

2 Casual Dress

Casual dress are always adored by many of boys during schools days and it is the only dress code you will find most of them being comfortable in.

So why not make it a good fit for the freshers party?

  • Cardigan Jackets
  • Black Bomber Jackets
  • Black leather jackets with white t shirt

3 Suit Based Outfit

man in formal suit
man in formal suit

I think if your pocket allows for a new fresh suit, you must visit a tailor and get stitched a costume for the party. It is the age when you are moving from the phase of being a boy to a man. So, in my opinion, you must have at least a good quality of suit which will help you to attend so many relatives parties and social meetings in the future.

4 Semi-formal Outfit

casual jeans t-shirt blazer sneakers
casual jeans t-shirt blazer sneakers

Pair a plain black or white t-shirt with a contrasting colored blazer with it. Team it up with jeans or chinos.

Let’s say if you already have a black suit (which most of the guys do have in their wardrobe collection), do not go for a shirt beneath it. It gives a little bit of waiter kind of look and gives you a feeling like you are attending your cousin’s wedding.

So do try wearing it with a t-shirt beneath it and a chino. Go with the white sneakers if at all you are wearing all of  these(t shirt, blazer and chino) in black. I swear you will have all the eyes gazing at you in the party hall.

Do share with us what was your idea for the freshers party dress code that worked the best for you. We would love to hear from you.

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Outfits For Boys For Freshers Party
Outfits For Boys For Freshers Party

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