College Myths You Need To know


It’s been a while I have graduated from the college and have seen all the freshers coming to the college with a different perspective toward the college life. At the orientation, we have seen so many students coming and speaking to us and many other seniors like such vague questions related to college which  I do not know from where do they have heard or maybe read somewhere. But in this post, I am going to clear out the myths which I have noticed coming to every freshman’s mind these days. And it is equally essential to clear them out before you enter the college.

1 Nobody is Single


Come on dude, give me a break. It’s my wish whether I have to be in a relationship with somebody or not. Entering campus life doesn’t enforce a charged button in me to push myself to get into a relationship as soon as possible. I guess it is convictable?

2 Your first-year friends will be with you for the lifetime.

Sadly, it is not true!

Why do you need to expect somebody with whom you have just met and spoken a few words would be your lifetime friends? No!

Come out of the imaginary world my friend. It is indeed not the case. Yeah you can say you might get the gems out there you would be thankful forever, but hey, that takes time to get to know the strangers better and then turning them into the friends and then BFF.

3 You need to be assured of your career as soon as you enter the college.

Again false!

It is never so mandatory to choose a career in that particular phase. There is whole life in front f you to test different job and decide what works out the best for you. It always requires the right amount of time to ponder and go with what your passion lies in for the rest of life. So it is not the case.

4 Hostel Mess serves not such good food.

Certainly not!

The students always presume that the food the mess serves is so too awful to handle. It might happen that they have got the feedback from many hostelers out there, but that does not mean it is the case for every college. I have met many happy hostelers who have never come, plained about the mess’s food. In fact, they love the food. Some say they would like to return after their graduation to taste their mess’ food. Yes, it happens. So what happens is pre-assumption of anything is never doing you right, the only thing it creates is a long list of myths in your mind and that way you would return here again to clear your thoughts. HAHA!

5 Campus life is all about drinks and parties.

Are you kidding me, bro?

Well, that’s the perception of many students unless they begin their campus life. On a serious note, let me be very clear in explaining to you the facts which are there just above your subconscious mind. Campus life is calm, chill, and to party of course. We all say that, don’t we? And it is correct but to some extent. You need to understand that your student life is still not over yet and you have your studies related responsibilities and to clear out the exams without which you won’t be getting the degree.

6 You need not go to your classes.


That is something I would say is too kiddish of somebody to think. I mean why you have then taken admission. See the funda is simple at every college. There are specific rules you need to follow in order not to get rusticated and to save yourself from that embarrassment. So my idea of campus life is simple – learn to balance between the fun, entertainment activities and academics. Then you see if anybody can stop you from excelling in whatever you wish to do in life.

7 Life is simpler with friends


Okay, so this point needs a little bit of more explanation with a practical example. Vaguely during my mid-semester time in the 2nd year (I guess :P) I remember how much dependent I was on my friends, who all were so reliable no doubt. But then when you show much of dependency on them for everything related to college work, they tend to forget or not bother about certain things. That is since when I have realized never to feel over-confident about your friends. Nothing serious, just an experience.

Moving towards the admission time at the campuses, I thought what could be better than discussing the top myths about the college and detach them from the freshman’s minds at the right time.

Also I have to make an announcement here that from now we are accepting the guest’s posts like the current college students or even alumni can share their campus life experience with us, and we will share it with the world. You can share anything like campus stories, friendships, about your academics, hostel life, cultural activities, a day that bagged you an award-winning prize, The best day of your college you will remember forever, that particular day you proposed to your crush or anything that comes to your mind that justifies how a campus life is like!

How it was for you and what you learned and gained being a college student and what would you like to share your heart out for the upcoming students who are stepping to the college life.

It’s fun. It’s good to share it out! People always learn from other’s experience.

So start posting your stories by clicking here.

We will feature you and your story with the world in the special column we have ‘Student Edition.’



College Myths You Need To know
College Myths You Need To know

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