How Much Cash Do You Need In Wallet


College goers nowadays are mostly fond of showing off and what luxuries do they have so they can make a fantastic image in front of them. To make it better, let me give you an example. I had a classmate who was so desperate to show off what all he had at his house like the number of cars and bikes and whatnot. He used to be very cool among us in showing money out of his wallet knowing the fact that this money is given to him by his family.

Today in this post, I am sharing my tips as for an average Indian family kid, how much cash do you need to carry with you in college.

To believe or not to believe, the students do not need that much of cash in their pocket, In fact, in this era of digitalization, we all rely on digital payments and bank transfers right?  Nobody even bothers to carry that much of cash in their pocket while traveling.

SO for a student if we talk about, how much do you think should be the money they should carry?


Any random guess won’t do any good here. So we have a proper list of what to keep in mind while you save money in your bag.

Transportation :

For a fundamental commuting process, from home to college via local/government transportation it won’t take more than 300.

Oh yes, excluding those expensive and branded cars. Strikeout them from the list when I say necessary traveling. That would perhaps be counted in the luxurious traveling I guess.


To avail one time lunch at the college cafeteria would cost not more than 100 rupees and even lesser if you go for sharing meals with a bunch of your friends. See it is not that you can’t go to very posh outlets offering the high-class food varieties. It is all about college life which has to be affordable according to the budget in a student’s pocket money.


300-500 is a sufficient amount to carry for an emergency purpose.

And not to forget that keeping less cash is to be on the safer side as it is a win-win for you. Suppose if a peer or a classmate asks you for a little extra money and you know how people are these days. Hardly do we find anyone who returns the money, so if you do not have much in the wallet, you have nothing to lend them. How realistic! Just Imagine!

So in total If we make a sum of it not more than 800-900 should you carry as a college-going in your wallet.

And don’t you think it is a smart way to protect yourself from the pickpocketing, snatching of the wallets that is so common these days at the public area and local transports.

So, in short, there is no loss in keeping the less amount of money in the pocket

Saving money and spending it sensibly is a characteristic that every student must have in their mind that would take you a very long way. Since these small things, you learn to limit yourself to a particular budget according to what you have.

Start valuing money today! Spend it judiciously.

So what is your ‘cash in the wallet’ policy? Tell us in comments down below!

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How it was for you and what you learned and gained being a college student and what would you like to share your heart out for the upcoming students who are stepping to the college life.

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How Much Cash Do You Need In Pocket
How Much Cash Do You Need In Wallet

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