How To Stay Motivated All The Time

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How to keep yourself motivated is the primary concern of most of the people these days.

We watch several inspirational videos that boost up the inner confidence is always affective to each one of us. But don’t you think it leaves a temporary affect on us. After few hours or even days we get back to our normal routine and start feeling low and start feeling like doing nothing and you are back to square one!

Balance among three things ie, Body, Mind and Intellect is as essential to keeping oneself in a catalytic role. Everything matters to build a proper motivational results.

The way you eat, the way you sit, the way you walk and whatever you do the whole day [your routine].

Let us say you are on your phone throughout the day and then you come and complain the motivation does not persist. Because of the blood circulation! Where is the blood flowing through your veins? You are sitting whole day and not moving your body which is quite stiff.

what you need to focus on is a silent observation to master such situations and move ahead of this.

So to make the best conclusion out of this is finding out if the problem is mentally or physically that is holding you back from running a spiritual schedule.

Are you feeling lethargic physically.?

How to judge if it is true?

Suppose you love to dance and you are not even feeling like shaking a leg somehow. That means you are not willing to do what you like. Duh!


All these are a significant proof that your body is lacking that required energy.

So how to overcome this situation?

DIET is the answer!

Yes, diet because you can not pour anything from an empty mug right!

Have you ever seen a car running without fuel?

Same is the case with the human body. Charge it from time to time.

You can even visit a physiotherapist to check up your body.

Understanding is the level of the intellect!

Physical activity is the key!

What is the youth nowadays doing?

If we observe carefully, everybody is busy scrolling their phone screen up and down 24×7 behind those big eyeglasses.

Does it happen? You nodded right. So if we go into the depth of this, is it even mandatory for the students like you all who are only committed to the college, fun, home, projects and that is it?

Or is it just to pass the time?

Beautiful were the days when kids used to get out of their homes and play around the ground and park spreading positivity, laughter and happiness all around.

If you think you are old enough to not to go out and play then you are wrong my friend!

No age can be a barrier between the physical activities and you.

another thing I have observed is that

‘You don’t stop playing because you grow old, but you grow old because you stop playing.’

Deep meaning is hidden inside this statement. The whole idea here I want you to focus upon is ‘BALANCE.’

Balance is critical in life with physical and mental well being of an individual.

You would never come to know how steadily your concentration power would start increasing and everything that surrounds you starts giving motivation in some way or the other.

That day is not far when you would be surprised by the change in your behavior for the good of course.

Start building self-esteem for whatsoever reason it might be down.

It is again a significant factor causing you to stay motivated all the time.

Another thing you can do to push yourself with extra energy and enthusiastic role is making yourself a reward for doing a particular task for which you need motivation. When you complete that task, you can reward that to yourself as a matter of a motivational gesture. Because you know at the end even after listening to so many inspiring people, it won’t be of good if you are not getting the motivation from within. So this is a delightful form to build a self-inspiring motto for your life to go on and on with your work.

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How To Stay Motivated All The Time
How To Stay Motivated All The Time

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